FedEx Vent!

  1. On Friday morning, I tracked a package only to see that it had supposedly been delivered and left by my front door. I was home all morning, and I didn't hear anyone knock or a truck drive up. There was no package outside, and I looked everywhere! So now I have a dispute with FedEx. I am so glad I was home because that is the best piece of evidence that there is something going on. Had I been gone, they could just argue that it was no signature required and it was delivered and someone else took it. I had the same thing happen with UPS and my package showed up several days later. Of course, it could have just been misdelivered and they may find it. If I don't get it back, I am definitely going to push FedEx for a refund and file a police report. The sad thing is that is that I ordered a Gryson Josey and got an awesome deal, so I probably won't be able to find a price as good as I paid. Anyway, I am mad and just wanted to vent!