Fedex, ups, DHL, dpd...Agrhhhh....

  1. I'm SO upset!! - Once they could not find my freinds address! claimed it' did not excits :wtf:
    Now they (DPD) was at my house three days ago ....I was home all day! well I was out for half an hour :shame: - Anyway....called them yesterday to get them to deliver on monday at my moms house...20 minutes from me.
    Today I see on t&t that my bag is in the other end of the country!!! :rant: :noggin: - Well..Denmark is a very little country and I'm sure it will show up some time next week... but it is strange...:wondering

    Thank god I'm on a big time purse ban now :roflmfao:

    Have a nice weekend!
    Hope my english is ok :shame:
  2. I just wanted to say your english is fine :smile:

    hope the bag aggreavtion is quickly resolved.
  3. Hope it all works out! So frustrating. Your English is better than my French...