FedEx trucks - arrival times?

  1. Do any of you know if Hermes sends their packages by FedEx to arrive by 10-11AM or by 4PM? I have to take my dog to the vet tomorrow and it IS important, but I also don't want to miss that FedEx truck.

    What has been the experience of you ALWAYS knowledgeable ladies? All info will be greatly appreciated!
  2. That depends on if you request by 10:30am delivery. If I want it in the morning I have to request it otherwise its by 5:00pm.
    Do you have a tracking number you are able to tell from the website what the estimated delivery time is.
  3. India, call fedex tomorrow and tell them you want to track a package without a tracking number. tell them its VERY important you are there and once they find the package have them contact the driver for an ETA and the station let you know what time they will be there!
  4. India, I'm so excited for you!! Did they give you a tracking number? You can always check the progress of your bag online. I know UPS doesn't update as often as I'd like them to..sometimes I get the package in my hands, and the website still has for its most recent message, "driver out for delivery". I can't wait to see your Kelly. :smile:
  5. Well, where I live it's a complete lottery whether they show up at all, lol! My SA is frantically looking for a shipment that went out over a month ago and has yet to make it's way to Reykjavik :girlsigh:
  6. So exciting!
  7. My FedEx guy usually doesn't show up in my area until 5 or 6 in the evening!
    Hope you get it early!
  8. I called FedEx and it is coming tomorrow.....anytime between 9AM and 7PM! I can, however, go pick it up at the FedEx station (near the airport - no big deal where I live) between 7:30PM and 9PM. I'm going to try to get my dog in early at the vet's office. If I miss the truck, I'll just have to run down there tomorrow evening. Oh well, I've waited over 40 years for a Kelly - I can wait a few more hours!
  9. Oh I am so excited for you!! I can tell you are excited to be getting the bag too! :heart:

    OMG Icechick, no way! That's terrifying.
  10. India, you are so cute! Now you have the itchies to get your bag! You should take her out to lunch or dinner with some good friends so they can coo over your new Kelly!
  11. They do 3 attempts. I just missed my second attempt this morning, so I am not leaving the house tomorrow
  12. Any news India?
  13. FedEx has been here! Go to the thread "It's Here"!