FEDEX SUCKS!!!!!! My MJ Hudson didnt show up!

  1. I paid for the Chili Hudson to be overnighted for SAT delivery..and it never showed up..Fedex gave me 4 DIFFERENT BS(bad weather.etc....NOT.) stories why its not here in time.....I FINALLY get a hold of a FEDEX mngr 5 calls later.....and they say it must have been put on the wrong truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG! SO MAD.
    They say its prob on the MONDAY truck by accident...I hate to sound like a brat..BUT I WANT MY BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
    SNIFF..Thanks for listening.
  2. awww jill...that does suck!!! I would be demanding some money back from someone. Fedex really does suck sometimes!!!!!!!!
  3. You should get a REFUND. Could you go and pick up your bag at the Fed Ex distribution center this evening? Sorta like what you can do when you miss them and it requires a signature? My Fed Ex center is nearby, so they always leave me a note saying I can come by between 6-7pm to get my package...
  4. Apparently..they DONT KNOW where the bag is......somewhere in the PHILA airport..????????.........waiting for them to call me back..they are not the brightest bunch I have dealt with....
  5. That just blows! You PAID to get it today, and you should HAVE it today. I always avoid FedEX like the plague...they LOSE things. I usually go with USPS EXPRESS MAIL OVERNIGHT. Wicked is right, you should be able to get a refund AND pick it up later today if you want...problem is, it could still be stuck on the dumb truck...I've had that happen before...uuuhhhh!

    ...poor scared little Hudson on a HOT truck without its mommy :crybaby: ...:lol:
  6. yeah, that really sux, jill, i hope fedex at least gives you a partial refund, if not all of it.
  7. I am so pissed..I didnt take a shower till 1 pm..cuz I didnt want to miss the stupid fedex guy..LMAO..ARGH!
  8. Jill, I'm soooo sorry to hear that, WTH! Couldn't wait for you to get the bags & hear your thoughts on them, I'm pissed for you too! FEDEX sucks! Was gonna say what Wicked & S4M commented, can't believe they don't even know where the package is!

    Crossing fingers that you will get it today. =) They better refund you the money!

  9. i hate fedex too, had so many problems with them with deliveries. I've had them losing my packages too. i'd write a whole book of complaints if i could, their CS isn't the friendliest either. Hope they're able to locate your bag soon. They suck big time...
  10. So sorry to hear this, Jill. Actually, I've never had anything but exceptional service from Fedex where I live. It's the UPS folks who are hit and miss. I hope you get a refund and your Hudson today. That's a beautiful bag!!
  11. Jill, I feel your pain!!!!! can't wait to see it when i turns up! I would ask for your money back or something to make it up! x
  12. Jill that sucks. I hate FedEx with a passion for that very reason. Get a full refund on shipping @ least and hopefully they can even get you your bag later tonight. I think they deliver till 9
  13. They only deliver here till 3 pm..on Sat..and They have no clue where the freakin bag is..It may be loaded on a trailer truck for Mondays deliveries..somewhere in Philly..NOT NJ..SO MAD.
  14. Phew I thought I smelled something ripe!! :roflmfao:
  15. ^HA!HA!HA!
    Fedex just said they FOUND THE PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!in the wrong delivery trailer-of
    They said its out for delivery,NOW I have to sit home on a SATurday night( its 530 PM now...and they cant say what time it will be here??!!!LOL!) and wait for it..LMAO..OY VEY..never ending..guess Im not going to K of P mall tonight..crap.