FedEx Strikes Again!

  1. So I'm sitting here looking around on PurseForum (honestly!) and the FedEx guy drove up. I watched from my front window as he dropped my package NEAR my front door! 10 feet away! He couldn't even get it to the front door! And it just so happened to be my more-than-$400 Hand Maid bag. Could you please at least get it to the front door and ring the doorbell before you run away!?!?!!!!!! Agh!:cursing:
  2. If I were you, I would call Fed-Ex and lodge a complaint with them. They'll have a record of who the guy was. That kind of thing is NOT okay. And maybe if enough people complain about the same driver, something will be done about it. I wouldn't let it go without saying anything though. A lot of drivers tend to have the same route everyday so you may get him again in future.
  3. Definitely complain they shouldn't do that! What if you were not at home & someone stole the parcel?
  4. What a lazy jerk. Definitely give them a call and complain. What do we pay them for??
  5. they did that crap to me too! i had a coach purse sent by my ex boyfriend (was lucky he sent it... mmrrmmph....) and the dude put it at my SHADY ASS NEIGHBORS DOOR! i could have DIED! i politely thanked her for leaving it on her porch (in the cold snow wet awful weather, that was a blessing) and ran away with my package! the VERY reason i'm afraid to have something shipped to me :crybaby:
  6. I've had issues like this too but mostly with DHL. They drop it at the door, don't knock, and half the time deliver it to the wrong house. When they drop it off at the wrong house is the worst because they show it as delivered so I won't get anywhere disputing the charges and the only option I have is to file a claim or hope the delivery guy finds it. A few times my neighbor has brought my packages over too. Ugh!

    Hopefully yours was packed well so you bag is OK...
  7. That is just sooooo wrong!! What is wrong w/ FED-X these days?

  8. OMG that is ridiculous esp sinc eyou watched this guy do a half assed job
  9. Ugh... this really worries me because I've had packages stolen off my porch and if the delivery people don't even get to the door to see my note asking that they deliver to the rear then the same problem could happen again.
  10. Fedex doesn't know how to find my apartment. Every time I have to come get it. I was beginning to think they just hold things for pickup and don't actually deliver, but maybe I should be happy they don't know where I live so that stuff like this doesn't happen to my packages!

    Almost as bad as the time I stayed home one day to receive a really important package and the ups guy left a note on my door without even knocking. :/