FedEx should be here this morning...

  1. ...with my Hobo Stam! I'm DYING in anticipation to see it and whether I will love it.

    Refreshing the FedEx page...
  2. Oh! How exciting!!!! Post pics ASAP!!! :heart: Emmy
  3. Hooray! I hope this stam turns out to THE ONE! Can't wait to see pics later!!
  4. Thanks! It's on the delivery truck...whoo-hoo!

    I won't be able to post pictures until later this weekend...I'm going away this weekend.
  5. Hope you love it! Look forward to pics later!
  6. AHHH!!!! I'm SO CURSED!

    I got the bag about an hour ago. I opened the box, with my co-worker standing to share in the excitement, and when I went to pull the stuffing out of the bag, we noticed black specks EVERYWHERE on the inner lining. My co-worker immediately said, "eww...what is that?". We couldn't find the tags anywhere either. I think my bag was used!!!! :crybaby: Why am I so cursed with Stams? WHY????

    I am going up to NJ this weekend, and so I called Short Hills. They actually have the Stam Hobo - the SA checked it and said it was pristine. So, he has it on hold for me. I'm hoping that there will be a happy ending tomorrow.
  7. holy smokes, suli.....i have to say, i'm starting to believe you might actually be cursed when it comes to stams! this is too much! about a nice soft calf style??? :sad:
  8. where did u get it from?

    that is terrible, im very sorry!!
  9. I am getting frustrated for you. This is your 4th or 5th attempt at the Stam, is it not? :s I hope the new one is just what you want! Please post an update!
  10. OMG SuLi! What is up with you and the MJ gods?

    I'm so sorry this happened! So disappointing!! I hope the one in Short Hills works out for you!
  11. That's awful! What is it with you and stams? I really hope you get a perfect stam from that other store..... good luck!
  12. ^^ It literally is like my 4th or 5th time trying to get a Stam. You would think that I would stop by now, but I can't help it...I really want a Stam-eque bag.

    I got the bag from NM in Chicago. My SA found it, had it overnighted to me for free! I should have known that it was too good to be true.

    I've attached some pictures of the interior of the bag - both sides. I think you can see the stains...they are definitely more pronounced in person. Crossing my fingers for tomorrow....
    Picture 215.jpg Picture 216.jpg Picture 218.jpg Picture 217.jpg
  13. I'm sorry this happened SuLi. I hope tomorrow goes well for you!

    There have been SO many horror stories lately on tPF about low-quality bags being shipped out from various vendors. :wtf: I'm beginning to wonder why we all spend so much time tracking down bags by phone and online. Maybe the only way to get a pristine bag is to go to the store yourself--but that really limits our choices, doesn't it? I don't know what the solution is, other than to only buy shipped bags from stores with good return policies...
  14. Sending you better MJ karma immediately!!!! Holy cow, I hope tomorrow is your day! Then you can have your stam and finally enjoy it!
  15. suli... i had the same awful luck a few months back getting a hobo stam. i got one with antiqued chain with shiny hardware... then i got one with no name plate inside, both from eLux!! i returned them and all marched over to Saks and got myself the quilted bowler. i decided the purse gods did not want me to own that bag!!

    i agree though- when dropping thousands on a bag, its best to wait until you can inspect it yourself, up close and personal. that way there are no surprises.

    sorry about your bag and i hope you have better luck tomorrow!!