Fedex sent my packages to my neighbor....Twice! Bad, bad!

  1. Sorry guys just want to rant. I ordered some bags from BG And NM and both closed to $1000. I used the free shipping code and they sent my packages without signature reqired (what? kinda dangerous to send valuable packages without signature confirmation). Anyways, I've been checking my packages and the first one arrived a couple days ago. I never left my house anticipating the delivery. At around 7 pm, I heard the sound of a truck entering my neighborhood and I took a peek and I saw Fedex truck. I was like yay. so I went to check the front...but NOTHING! :hysteric: What? So I went to the net to check the tracking number...guess what? It said it's delivered!!! So, I right away went to my neigbor's houses and found the package two houses away from me. And yesterday it happened the same for my second package. I almost had a heart attack twice. What should I do? Should I complaint to Fedex? How to make sure this won't happen again? Thanks guys...sorry kinda long.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that!! I've had a horrible experience with Fedex recently too... they lost my package and insisted that they delivered it... during a short 1/2 hour period that I wasn't actually home that day!!! :cursing: It took a lot of phone calls but I finally got reimbursed in the end (but not by Fedex, by the original company who sent it to me). So definitely... I would call Fedex and let them know what happened! Oh, and if you don't get a nice rep, call them back again and try to talk to someone else!

  3. Thanks! But I bet they won't take my complaint seriously...after reading some post regarding how bad fedex is, I bet they will do it again.....:yucky:
  4. Every time I purchase by phone or online, I tell the store to REQUIRE FedEx/UPS/whatever to a signature for delivery.

    Most delivery companies have switched to a "signature not required" policy for deliveries. I have had things stolen from my front porch.

    I have also given my local FedEx/UPS distribution centers written instructions not to leave a package without getting a signature. This will help me with any future insurance claims.

    My best solution was to rent a mailbox from a MailBoxesEtc place and have all deliveries go there. But sometimes the stores send packages to me anyway because my home is my credit card billing address. So I do the above to be cautious.
  5. ugh crap!!! call fedex and yell!!!
  6. FedEx left a package for me at my neighbor's, too! I had to go hunting around the neighborhood the next morning for it - it had sat outside all night. Thank God it WAS still there. What is the problem here? Just match the numbers on the package to the numbers on the house!
  7. Oh my gosh, I would have been scared that it would get lost! Call, and complain!
  8. Eeek!!! I would definitely call and complain! That's just... wow. Unbelieveable... :wtf:
  9. fedex requires signature though! thats so dangerous!!!
  10. Hi. make sure you have your address, in reflective materials, at the end of your driveway, on your house, and if allowed, painted on your curb. Maybe the guy couldn't see where he was?
  11. FedEx drivers are the worst - quite often the driver leaves someone else's package with ours. They are paid based on how many packages they deliver - this is why FedEx Express drivers are more concerned with speed of delivery than with accuracy of delivery.
  12. I know that Elux only ships with signature required if the item is over $500, so I didn't expect to have to sign for my package when I ordered a $300 Paul Smith for DBF. However, the delivery person could have at least waited for me to answer the door and take the package instead of just dropping it, knocking, and running. I went to answer the door and the box was just sitting there! If I hadn't heard the knock, who knows how long it would have sat there! I haven't had a package stolen yet (the people in my building are all good, honest people), but I still don't want to take any chances that someone from outside could enter the building and steal it. :push:
  13. I have had sooo many probs with fedex, they once delivered my laptop to someone else... and I called them and made them go get the package back from the people they delivered it to, and HAND DELIVER it to me... I hate them and will never ever ever use them again
  14. agree..I hate them too. So will BG or NM (if I ever order from them again, but I think I will ;) ) ship the package via other couriers? or they only use fedex exclusively?
  15. I can relate. They sent my package to somebody (don't know who or which neighbor) and the honest person returned my balenciaga bag back to the BalNY store. Can you imagine what would have happened if the dishonest person decides to keep my B-bag?? When confronted, FedEx denied all responsibility. Pah!