Fedex Saturday Delivery! **PICS**

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  1. Soooo....I came back from my hair salon appointment and found the box in a dining room.....

    Some orange boxes were inside......

  2. :yahoo: Can't wait to see!!
  3. love it when there are orange boxes inside!
  4. what a beautiful sea of orange
  5. I'm here:party:
  6. 2 little boxes are for my Orange 30 Birkin.....


    2 Orange TB Twillys!
  7. hoorah! a live one!!!!!!
  8. Woohoo! Bring it on!
  9. Oh, boxes...sweet!
  10. waving at you , Doc!!!
  11. Cute twillys!
  12. [​IMG]

    And a dip dye scarf! (I'm waiting for the red/black colorway to wear with this one!)
    It's very soft and nice to touch......
  13. Great scarf! Now the big one...
  14. Nice purchases so far :biggrin:! Now, what's in the big box :nuts:?
  15. Bigger box.............I'm totally blaming on PennyD for taking great pictures of her new precious.........:wlae::wlae: