Fedex or UPS, which do you prefer for shipping?

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  1. I'm wondering which shipper is the better choice for a chanel bag that I'm buying?
  2. My vote goes to Fed ex...if those are your only two options...However, I will share with you...A vendor which delivers to me uses DHL for shipping and my packages always arrive according to the posted and sound...enjoy your new bag when it arrives...
  3. DEFINETELY FEDEX... excellent customer service and always on time!
  4. FED EX!!!! I really dislike UPS!
  5. Chanel and Saks usually ship their items by fedex, they (fedex) also have better service.:tup:
  6. I haven't had any trouble with either as long as I use either overnight or second day air. UPS ground has better service than Fedex ground.

    I know a lot of people hate DHL, but my Nordstrom uses their services and I have never had a problem with their overnight or 2 day service. And Nordstrom only charges $9.05 for second day delivery with DHL.
  7. I love FedEx (Express, 2 Day). I'm with Roey on ground service between the two. I HATE FedEx Ground!!!
  8. I don't live on the Continental U.S. and can only offer my take on "air" shipping. I do quite a bit of online/phone shopping, and have found that Fedex and DHL seem to better in terms of speed of service and delivery earlier in the day. I don't have to leave for work until 10am (at the latest) and can usually expect to accept my packages directly from the delivery person. UPS, on the other hand, is not as timely and has delivered packages as late as 6pm! I was actually expecting a package via UPS today (shipped 1 week ago) but it never came. :shrugs:
  9. FedEx.. they delivered my grey reissue from Singapore to Melbourne in less than 24 hours..
  10. fedex!
  11. Always fedex! The ground service is a bit slow...but its better than UPS losing ur stuff.
  12. FEDEX gets my vote!! my SA in Nordstrom always use FEDEX express to send international and it takes only 3-4 days to HK which i think super fast and they always arrive before 12 noon...never try UPS, but i think FEDEX has very good customer service and gurantee delivery.

    BTY, has anyone heard "Express Mail" SA in Nordstrom Seattle send my bag thru express mail..which i dont know..anyone please tell me their service and do they have gurantee delivery time like FEDEX?? thanks so much!
  13. ^ That's by USPS. It should arrive through your local postal office. It should take 3-5 business days to HK. Check out your local post office and see their delivery timing. In Singapore, they only deliver up to 6pm which is pretty annoying.
  14. Definitely FEDEX, they are more reliable and great customer service!
  15. I use Fedex ground to ship because UPS is more expensive.