FedEx Misdelivered My Package!

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  1. I waited and waited and waited all freaking day for them to deliver my new Coach love and by 2:40PM it showed as delivered, only no one rang my doorbell and nothing was at my door! :mad:
    My packaged needed to be signed in order to be released. Someone had signed for it with 3 initials, none of which are remotely related to my name!!! Ah!!!

    I called FedEx immediately and all they could was apologize and put a tracker on it. I won't find out anything new until WEDNESDAY! :wtf:

    In the meantime, I was advised to let the seller know that "I did not receive my package..." yeah, more like: "your drivers was too lazy to check he delivered it to the right residence!"

    I'm so livid.

    The worst part is, that since it was signed for, the seller could easily say that I did receive it and call it a day :sad: can he?
    I don't want to be out of the money and will go to the matresses if I need to :yes:

    I e-mailed the seller to let him know what happened and urged him to file a claim with FedEx to cover both our behinds.

    What else is there to do?
  2. Could Fed Ex have delivered it to the next street over that has the same address # as yours? UPS has twice mis-delivered packages (one was a $1700 Chanel purse) to a neighbor the next street over with the same house number. Thankfully, they were honest and called me to come pick up the package.
  3. Sorry to hear that happened --
    Hopefully fedex will find it.

    in case they don't, and the seller does tell you he is filing with fedex..
    make sure you still open a case with Paypal within the alloted time frame
    just to prevent the seller from pocketing the money from Fedex if and when they pay out ... b/c u never filed with Paypal (I've heard of those cases before)
  4. I know of a case in which PayFoe ruled in favor of the buyer claiming that it's the seller's responsibility to make sure the buyer--and not someone else--gets the package. It was incredibly unfair to the seller because the buyer had the wrong address in her PayFoe account. Anyway, just keep track of what FedEx does and document everything so you have proof that it was misdelivered.
  5. Don't worry too much at this point - this isn't exactly an uncommon problem, and FedEx should have a process in place to take care of you. I do think the buyer will be the one filing the actual claim though, and he'll have to refund you if the bag isn't found. I've only ever had this problem with UPS, both with items from big companies and from individual sellers (and once with a buyer from one of my eBay auctions) and I've found them to be quite quick and professional when solving the problem. Much less of a headache than you'd think. But hopefully you'll find your bag at a neighbor's quickly regardless!
  6. I would be upset too! There's a lot of dishonest people in the world, but luckily there's a lot of honest people too. Hopefully they will give it to you or at least Fed-x will figure it out. If they don't you can always try to find house numbers that are the same as yours but on different streets, like juniormint said, and if your desperate enough knock on doors.

    My guess is someone signed for it figuring it was for someone else in the house w/o looking at the name.
  7. Why would they asked you to wait til weds ? That's ridiculous. I did once shipped to PA which should goes to 20 xxxx xxx but instead i have it shipped to 30 xxx xxx which is not exist but FedEx driver somehow left the package to this Mansion that was on sale that time. the maid signed for the package. I called FedEx and they said they would pick it up the next business day, but my friend finally able to tracked the package and picked it up. Happy ending, ladies :P I hope that you will have a happy ending too.:yes:
  8. I had a package delivered by UPS worth $1000 signed by someone (it was just a line) who pretended to be me. I was at home and I have a full time doorman and neither of us got the package that day. It wasn't the doorman's fault because I had 2 other UPS packages that day and he signed for them with his name very clearly and UPS stated that it was delivered to "Doorman" on their records. The $1000 package was apparently signed by and delivered to me according to UPS. All three packages were signed within 10 minutes of each other.

    Good thing insurance was purchased by the seller and I got all my money back. To claim my money, I had to get the seller to start a trace and when the package didn't show up, I got my money back.
  9. All this REALLY makes me wish Fed Ex and UPS would just deliver to your PO Box! I know Fed Ex does sometimes (I don't know why it isn't ALL of the time), but UPS won't. I finally figured out when my UPS guy likes to deliver packages, and it is SO late that my leasing office isn't even open. It would be a nightmare to get a package if I wasn't at home in the evenings!
  10. my postal guy is at the door with any parcels at 7:30 in the morning!!!!!

  11. I buy/sell alot on eBay so thank god the FedEx courier (he does both pickups and delivery) knows my place pretty well. Having anything go missing/delivered after waiting days for it is gut-wrenching!

  12. I thought it was ridiculous too, but apparently they cannot contact the drivers when they are on the road, but to wait until Wednesday? I mean, I know this isn't important to them, but it is to me :cursing:

    I contacted the seller, who seemed very communicative before this happened, and he hasn't contacted me as of yet. I have a bad feeling about this, so I'm calling FedEx on Monday to see what's happening and then I will file a claim if my seller is unresponsive.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions :yes:

    I'm just really sad, because I was so looking forward to getting this purse. Is a special edition for the fall of 2004, so it is not replaceable :crybaby:
  13. I've been thinking about this...

    Does it matter/ will it affect my claim if the seller stated in the auction that he would ship through UPS and then shipped via FedEx?
  14. I can totally empathize with you! I have had 2 similar situations in the past year with Fed Ex. The first was I ordered something from Neiman Marcus for my best friend, who lives in Florida (I live in NY). I checked daily to see when the package was delivered (it was a secret, so my best friend didn't know it was coming). So finally I see it was delivered and I called her and she said no, I haven't received anything. And then I look at the address that fed ex has and they messed up the address given from Neiman Marcus (cause I know it was right there!) And so I ask my best friend if the address Fed Ex delivered to exists and she said no. There's no such street number on her block. So where did this package get delivered to and how did they deliver it if the house didn't exist???? I called up Fed Ex and they put a "tracker" on it and I had to call back the next day. Luckily though the package was still where the driver left it (who knows where that was) and it got delivered to the right house the next day.

    The second time I had a problem with Fed Ex was right before Christmas. I had ordered a Snowman cake pan online that I was planning on making for Christmas Eve. Well I see two days before Christmas its out for Illinois!!!!!!! (I live in NY remember). So i call up Fed Ex and give them my tracking # and they say (all jolly and know it all-y) Your package is out for delivery to Calverton, Illinois! Calverton Illinois???? There is no such town in Illinois!!!! And the person was like o. Well, we'll put a tracker on it, call back tomorrow. I asked how can this package be out for delivery to a place that doesn't exist??? You can clearly see on the tracking page on that it's destination is Calverton, NY. BUt someone must have messed up the zip code. And I asked her does anybody know how to read at fed ex and can clearly see the package is addressed to Calverton,NY??? And she goes no, we don't read the addresses we go by zip codes and scan the packages. I said well you can't just deliver a package to a zip code, you do need an address to deliver to, so obviously somebody has to read the package then right? and she goes yes. And I had seen on their website they have an address checker. It said it was to make sure there are less mistakes in sending your packages. So i asked the person on the phone, do you use your own address checker? And she goes no why? And i said because, if you used your own address checker you would see that the address you have does not exist!!!!!!!!! So the lady took down my number and said to call back in the morning to check on what's happening or someone will call me. So I hang up with her and i get a call a half hour later from someone, but i could not answer the phone at that moment so it went to voice mail. It was someone from fed ex saying they saw I had a question about my package and they said just to let you know your package has been delivered to your front door! please call back if you can't find it or have any other questions! What front door??? My front door in Calverton, Illinois??? In the town that doesn't exist???? At that point I didn't even bother calling them back. My cake pan eventually showed up...the day AFTER christmas. Needless to say, I will never use Fed Ex again as long as I can help it. Having two packages in one year delivered to two places that don't exist? It makes you wonder about the people that work there.

    Sorry for the long rant, but I can totally relate to what you're going through!
  15. This is why I don't use Fedex or UPS! At least USPS makes you both sign and print your name, and print your address on the signature form. You get more information that way. I have seen Fedex guys leave bags on my front porch without having me sign for them, and then when you check the signature online its my initials (the fedex/UPS guy signed it!) Horrible!