Fedex man!!! Where is my MC Priscilla?!


    My bf ordered a MC Priscilla and a MC Bandeae yesterday from elux, however, i have waiting for all day long still cant see the fedex man.....:sad:

    I hope they will arrive today...jut cant wait anymore.

    i will post my pic when i got them.

    anyone want to share what u get on V-day?:rolleyes:
  2. Ooooooooooooooooooo cant wait to see that :smile:
  3. I hope you can get it soon. Are you living in Northeast part of the country? I heard the courier service may delay the delivery due to the bad weather.
  4. :nuts: Congrats! Definitely post pics when you get them! Can't wait!!!
  5. Yeah, i live in Buffalo NY..It heavy snowing right now..and hard to driving outside. I just call the fedex 1800#, it seems like today's package will be delay due to bad weather...
    Well, the schedule time is 3 pm, and now it's almost 6pm,
    i dont know if i can receive it today, keep my finger crossed.
  6. I missed my fed ex man by 10 minutes today! AAARGH!
    I hope he made note that we open at noon and will show up then.
  7. I hope you get it. I finished digging us out today. We had 16 inches of snow, and that is not common in northern Indiana. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  8. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics!
  9. OO! I hope you do get it soon!
  10. That's too bad :sad: Hopefully it will come tomorrow.
  11. Any luck with that fed-ex man ?
  12. unfort, He didnt come yesterday. But according to the tracking #, my babie is on the fedex car and ready to ship.
    Cant wait to see it.
    Thank u everyone :love:
  13. Don't worry I'm sure it'll get there. When I was waiting for my Azur Speedy, it was overnighted, so on there tracking it said it would get to me before 3:00pm the following day. So I waited thinking it would come morning or early afternoon. I'm not kidding you it came at 2:59, I was in the kitchen when the doorbell rang and I looked at the microwave and that was the time.
  14. I hade waiting for deliveries, I am so scared something goes wrong!
  15. I know exactly how you feel! I was expecting my new Lockit Vertical yesterday (FedEx tracking said it was on the truck and would be delivered by 3 p.m.). I rushed to pick my kids up from school, and upon return, saw the FedEx truck driving out of the neighborhood. I stopped my car, waved him down, and (after showing ID), signed for my new bag, and got her in the middle of the street! :yahoo: I gently placed the box in my front seat, and raced home!! As the kids were getting ready for their bath, I was in the kitchen tearing open the box! She is absolutely beautiful, and I know yours will be, too! Congrats, and I hope your package will arrive today - it is sooo hard to wait, I understand!