FedEx makes me sick

  1. I am so irritated right now. :rant: I called my SA in Atlanta and ordered a beautiful new agenda in Turquoise chevre. :love: All week long I have been SO excited about my agenda arriving. Then I started to get anxious because I figured it would have gotten here by now. So I called my SA today. She tracked it for me and said it is being held at the FedEx location. They had already tried delivering it.
    The annoying thing is that I have YET to receive ANY indication that Fed Ex even stopped by at ALL this week. Don't they usually leave notice of attempted delivery?? So now I have to wait until Monday to pick it up or have them deliver it. I know I sound spoiled, but I really am itching to get it. Monday seems so far away....:cry:
  2. FedEx should have left you a doortag with the date and time of attempted delivery. Without a door tag, it's going to be hard to pick it up, but if you don't have it, I think they'll try to deliver it again anyway. If you can't be home, you should ask your SA for the tracking # and call Fed EX with it to ask them to deliver to your work or any address where a friend or family member will be present and can sign for you. Be sure to keep your SA up to speed on all that's happening. Since the Atlanta store is the one that sent it and sold it to you, they're the ones who have to deal with FedEx if anything goes wrong. Good luck!

    BTW, UPS is FAR worse. When I bought my 1st Kelly (the black one), I wasn't home for the delivery, and it was a Friday, so I didn't want to wait 3 days, and I went to my local UPS center that night to pick it up. I ended up waiting in line for 1.5 hours just to get to the front and be told to wait another 1/2 hour! All on a Friday night!
  3. Yes....and BOY don't I know THAT feeling! Waiting has NEVER been my strong point, Nathansgirl. But just know that when Monday rolls along, you'll have your new baby...and maybe you could arrange to pick it up instead of waiting for them to delivery it?
  4. Look at it this will make the arrival even the more sweeter!!! Hang on!!!
  5. Yeah, I will hang on. And you are right that when Monday rolls around I will have my new baby. I will post pics as soon as it gets here. It is the vision agenda. I saw it for the first time when I went to Hermes Atlanta about a week or so ago. That was the day I got the zebra scarf. And I later decided to call back and have her ship it to me. Right now I have the tracking number and since I am such a busybody I think I better just call them and tell them to let me pick it up because I probably won't be around much on Monday.
  6. I have had bad experiences with Fedex like that, too. When I ordered over night delivery for my Bolide and shoes, I was waiting for entire day for my package with very close attention to doorbell sound. At the end of the day, I was wondering why they failed to deliver (overnight package,so, it had to arrive that day.) They just left a some sort of ticket without pressing a doorbell even once!!!!!!!!!:mad: There were 3 other adults in the house besides me. So, I am not mistaken.

    How stupid is that, Fedex did not even press a doorbell even once and notes WE failed to receive it.:rant: They said I had to wait until they find a time to deliver next time on a different day. Then why would I pay for overnight delivery? I said, then I would come and pick it up. They were like 'we have no idea where is Fededx truck is right now. So, there is no way of knowing where it is...just wait for the delivery on a different day.':shocked: :shocked: How would I know Fedex guy is not going to press the doorbell again or not? Then, they would say again 'I' fail to receive it.
    I am still very upset about Fedex service. It did not happen only once like that. It happened 'close to' always whenever I got Fedex services.:mad: :mad: :mad:I don't know why Fedex guy does not know how to press the doorbell. I wasted too many days waiting for him for nothing.
  7. I have done this, too (although not for a Kelly :cry: )......they can be a real pain when you're waiting on a special delivery~!!

    Good Luck!!

  8. I've had those tickets left at my door too and that irks me. One time I had been in the house all day, and another time I had just stepped out all of 10 minutes and returned to find the ticket there :Push:
    I just sign the release on the back of the ticket and leave it outside on the doorknob because I am at home practically all the time and there's no reason not to receive it a second time. When they next "try to deliver" again, they have no choice but to leave the package on the doorstep.
  9. Hmmm... I must have the luck of the Irish because I have nothing but good things to say about both Fedex (both international & domestic) and UPS (only domestic). You're not going to believe this but the latter once made a double-trip to my house on the same day just to check and see if I arrived home a couple hours later. How crazy was that? Luckily for me, my DH was home and actually saw the him double-back. LOL - I guess "brown delivers"..