FedEx & LV ~ A Match Made in Heaven

  1. Here's the bag Traci did NOT get yesterday in Boston :P

  2. Nice. I haven't seen them in store yet. Is it the fall line?
  3. Congrats!! I love that color.
  4. OMG, did you get it? That color is TDF!
  5. Beautiful bag. You got it, right?
  6. Ooohhhh, pretty! *trying not to drool on your new bag*
  7. I did, I did! If I can get over my guilt, I will actually enjoy it! :huh:

  8. Yes, ladies, there it is!!! I held it yesterday in my hands and they said, "sorry, it's already sold"!! I about died. Then I got the white one!!! (By the way, it's Traci) :smile: It is beautiful though, really beautiful!!! I hope you will enjoy it!!!!
  9. OOps! I'm sorry :sad:
  10. NICE! I love the new Sienne color

  11. ;) No worries!!!!! I'm glad you got it too!!! We are among the first ones!!!! That's awesome!!!!
  12. very pretty..congrats
  13. STUNNING!!!:love: Congrats!!!:flowers:
  14. Congrats on the fab new bag!
  15. That's it, I am buying this one in the mono canvas. Start budgeting... now!

    How cool it must be to get in on the "ground floor" price! You know it will start to go up soon enough.