fedex lost my venetia~

  1. :cry:

    i order a bag from last call san diego last week. it was shipped to me but since i wasnt home fedex left it in the mailroom in my apt building. they dont have it! and they said that they never recieved it. i tracked it and they said it was shipped to my mailroom. so either the mailroom stole it or the fedex guy took it.

    i called fedex and they said they would put a claim through. will i get all my money back? IM SO SAD! it was my first MJ :sad:
  2. Did you happen to pay with Amex? Maybe your CC company can do something about it?

    Jeez, that's horrible, i hope it all gets resolved.

  3. no i didnt pay with an amex. i just hope maybe they can find it! :crybaby:
  4. wow, u shud ask them to give you proof that the fedex guy didnt take it (e.g. the signature of whoever received the bag in the mailroom)
    i have a feeling the person in the mailroom took it.
    fedex is a trusty service and i dont think they wud jeopardize that. but again, who knows.

    i HOPE you'll find the bag, or at least get the money back :smile:
  5. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry to hear this! Hope they find your bag, and keep us posted!
  6. The gold Venetia? NOOOOOO! :mad: I would think FedEx would be responsible and refund you your money since they are at fault. I hope they are able to find it. Have you checked with your apartment office? Maybe it could be in there. :crybaby:
  7. That's HORRIBLE!! I'm so sorry!!

    You should definitely ask FedEx for proof of signature. I believe every Fed Ex package has to be signed for, no? Then FedEx should be able to show you exactly WHO signed for the package, and when. And if it's someone in your apartment building, you can get the money from them. If FedEx has no proof of delivery, then it's on them, and you can file a claim.

    You should also file a claim with your credit card company. Let them know you haven't received the item, and that you're investigating the matter.

    I'm so sorry! That SUCKS!! :cursing:
  8. yes it was the gold venetia! :shocked:

    i checked with the office in my apt and they dont have it. they were being so rude! plus they arent responsible for lost packages...even though they are the ones that sign for it. isnt that crap!? :cursing:
  9. Well they may not be responsible for "lost packages," but if FedEx has record of someone in your building signing for it, they'll have a major liability when you report THEFT to the police. They can't just say "we're not responsible" if they SIGNED for the package and then "lost" (*cough cough someone stole it*) the damn thing.

    I'm SO angry for you...and I don't even know you! GAH! I'm ready to go kick their asses personally...
  10. that's so horrible. I hope you would find your bag or atleast get your money back. sending you good thoughts! :heart:
  11. Oh no!! I'm so sorry! I definitely think you should follow MPJ's advice. Someone had to have signed for it. I so hope this works out for you. I wish you a speedy and happy resolution!
  12. That is such crap. :censor: Yes, definitely find out who signed for it. They probably saw that the box was from Neiman Marcus, which of course means something great is inside, so then that person just kept it for themself. Someone had to sign for it. I'm sure whoever took the purse will end up wearing it, so someday you may just see someone in your apartment complex with a gold venetia. :cursing: Was it delievered today? Maybe Fedex made a mistake saying it was delievered but will really try delievering it again. We can hope!
  13. ^ditto! The fedex guy always asks for the name of the person who signs, so they'll be able to track down that person in the mailroom. I wouldn't worry about getting your money back, since it's clear it wasn't you that signed for the package, you will get refunded by FedEx. Also make sure you file via your CC account and if need be, a police report!

    I'm sorry this happened, keep us posted!
  14. Fedex is NOT always trustworthy. My friend was waiting for an Ipod to come and it never did. He called Fedex and they couldn't find the package. When they did find it in one of their rooms it had been opened and emptied! Luckily apple sent him a new Ipod.
  15. OMG! So sorry to hear this happened to you.

    Definitely follow the advice others have given to you. Theft is no small deal, so if someone stole it, they are in for a world of (figurative) pain. I sincerely hope that you can get your bag or your money back!

    Good luck.