Fedex Lost My Edith Bowler!

  1. :wtf:I rarely get pissed off but at the moment I could spit nails.Like many of you gals I've been hitting the bag sales at NM,some for myself and some for upcoming Christmas gifts.
    The edith bowler was due for delivery yesterday I checked the tracking info which claimed it had been delivered at 12:27pm.It may have been deliver but it wasn't my house as I was mowing my front lawn at 12:15pm.

    I called fedex and was told they would check with the delivery driver and give me a call in 48 hours.I then notified NM in regards to this problem.They have to wait for fedex to run their check before they can file a claim or refund my money:cursing:.

    In my opinion if fedex did indeed delivered it to the wrong address that person should leave it unopened and notify fedex immediately,at least that's what I would do if I came home to find a package addressed to someone other than myself.

    I'm praying the invoice didn't have any of my CC information listed :hysteric:.The bag is actually a small issue when compared to my personal info or identity theft.

    I hear this is happening a lot lately,it makes me wonder if the drivers themselves may be marking them delivered,but actually stealing these packages for themselves.Free shipping is nice but I'd much rather pay for shipping and have NM require my damn signature.

    Thanks for letting me rant and get this off my chest.
  2. :tdown:I am so sorry this has happened to you, I am waiting on a baby Paddy and I am nervous till it gets here. It's a lot of money floating in the air. Hope it works out.
  3. Oh no! That's terrible! For an expensive designer item, I'm surprise NM doesn't insist on a signature. Otherwise, how would they prove you did/didn't get it???

    Hope you can get your money back! Can't speak for NM, but most retailers shouldn't specify your payment details anywhere on a receipt.
  4. Please don't worry yet. Once FedEx brought me someone else's package. Surely, I called them (not immediately though) and they said 'ok, we will come and take it'. After that it took 2 days until they came and picked the lost package from me. Slow service.
  5. Talking abot NM, I ordered a new bag yesterday over the phone and SA specified they will be sending my package w/signature confirmation.
  6. Hope they keep their promise,they should require signatures for everything they ship.I'd be willing to pay extra for that service myself.
  7. Since I've been at my present address for 10 years now, I've received from UPS about 4 inappropriate deliveries. I always drive to the house in my subdivision, that was suppose to get the goods and drop the package off. When I do this I think, "Would my neighbor do the same for me?" I totally understand your concern.
  8. ahh Cat, that sucks, but try not to panic too much yet. I am sure it will be found, once they can track down exactly who signed for it, it will turn up. Positive thoughts :smile:
  9. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I think the odds are very good that a neighbor will either bring it to you, or return it to FedEx.

    In the meantime, you can check with NM to see if they would have included your cc information on the bill. (I'm thinking they don't do that, but I don't know for sure.) If they tell you they do, and you're concerned, you can call your CC company and tell them your dilemma and ask what to do. They might be able to put a freeze on your account.

    But all of that is only if the bag has been taken by some bad person... and I think (hope!) the odds of that are slim! Most people will do the right thing.:heart:
  10. Thanks,I've calmed down a bit now :smile: ,I just wish they would require signatures upon delivery.No one had to sign so if it was delivered at all it was just left on some strangers doorstep.

    I'm going to call NM and check to see if any of my cc information was displayed on the invoice:sweatdrop:.
  11. Thanks for the crossed fingers ladies they did the trick :yahoo:.A fedex truck arrived with my package a few minutes ago,the driver said he didn't know why the fedex website info showed it as being delivered yesterday.BTW the Muscade bowler is as big as it is beautiful,the leather is wonderful and so well matched.

    Now I can stop :sweatdrop: bullets.As a added bonus I got a price adjustment and saved another $200.00 on the bag.
  12. yay, that is great news, AND a price reduction ;), so can we see her now ;)

    and how much did you end up paying for her in the end, if you dont mind me asking :smile:
  13. Thanks chloe-babe,I'll post some pics a little later today.I don't mind sharing my deal price,I got her for $465.00 plus tax and shipping was free.Not a bad deal if I say so myself ;).

  14. Here she is :yahoo:.I had to stuff her to make her stand up straight :lol:.
  15. Glad your bag made it home safe and sound! I :heart: it!