Fedex losing my package labels, is it just me?

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  1. I did a search about recent Fedex problems with packages and found nothing so I wanted to know if this problem I'm having is just a coincidence or someone experienced the same?

    First of all, I bought many times is the past from and never had a problem with Fedex, also, no problem with packages coming from other stores via fedex.

    First episode: About 3 weeks ago I bought a baby pavane online and paid for overnight as usual for those types of purchases (don't have a fedex ground office at town and since you have to sign it's easier to pick the package at express location). Thanks to that now gives the tracking number!! I was able to start tracking my package. Fedex picked the package from and had a delivery date for the following day before 3 pm. The following day I started to track the package and was surprised to see that the package had not move from the fedex location ??? I was pissed, since you pay $40 for overnight, you expect what you pay for. Any way, that day, before leaving my office I called fedex (~6pm) I thought maybe the tracking is update. My surprise came when the agent from fedex told me, oh, I see, this is your package, well, "the label came of and we were not sure if that was the correct address" I was really pissed, the package with the address they where not sure had a phone number!! why didn't they call?? Well, at least they told me they found the package and that it was coming the following day. The following day, I went to the fedex location to pick the package and was surprised to see that the typical silver plastic bag had a label with my name and address intact, so what did come of?? I don't understand. I have to say that the baby pavane arrived safe - did not fit me = ( but that has nothing to do, sorry.

    Second episode, and this is the reason why I'm writing this, this starts to feel weird to me. This just happened today, 3 weeks after. I ordered a silk scarf yesterday, overnight for the same reason. I was going to ask for hold at fedex location and forgot, so I started tracking the package anyway to see the progress. It has a delivery date for today, before 3 pm, but to my surprise, it's almost 3 pm and the package is still at origin fedex location!! So I called fedex to see what was going on and they told me that the package has not moved and that they were going to call me back. They called about 2 hours later, and they told me again, "your package has lost the label" but here is the worst part "We need you to tell us the content of your package so we can open the packages and identify yours!!!!! What???? Is this right??? I explained that the package should be around 10 by 10 inches, told them to go by the tracking weight and that the package should be wrapped in plastic silver bag, and that if the bag was opened I would not sign for the package! I don't know, but to me, it sounds crazy!! and I bet the label with my name and address is still there (like the first time) this sounds incredibly irresponsible to me from fedex, but the weird thing is that this seems to happen with boxes only!! BTW, I told them to go find my package with my description and I'm still waiting to hear back. I know I will not lose my money, but I'm terribly annoyed since this is the 2nd time in a month!! Also, I'm happy this happened with small purchases, but what if it was a bag???

    Has anyone experienced something like this??? Is it common that they would ask for the content and want to open the packages???

    Thank you for any input, advice!! ;)
  2. Hmm. Interesting. Did you ask the name of the FedEx employee you spoke on the phone with?
  3. Hi lucywife, no, unfortunately, those are the kind of things that came to my mind after I hang my phone.

    Still waiting for another call from them, but if they don't call I will call again. I'm writing a list with what I should say/ask
  4. I think this must be a problem with the staff at your specific depot, i've ordered many things online and have never ever experienced anything like these imbecilic acts - and yes, i too would be furious.

    I do think that should know though, i would explain these problems in detail (via email) and let them know of the anger aswell as anxiety this causes - i would like to think that they would offer some sort of compensation even, for all your hassle etc.
  5. Update:

    Ufff, so frustrating!

    Good and bad news

    I called to report the problem and asked if they were aware of "labels coming of the packages". They were very kind and said they haven't heard of any problems. They apologize for the inconvenience -which I said, I understand is not fault- and they offered to refund the $40 from overnight delivery which I will not get. That was nice from them!

    Then, I tracked the package again, and to my surprise, the pack is "in transit" Nobody called me to update me from fedex. I called fedex to ask to upgrade to saturday delivery since it was their fault and the agent told me that the scan is an "optic scan" and that the package is still lost???? Are you serious? So what are you scanning if the package is missing??? Then I got really mad and asked for a supervisor. The good news is that I talked to someone that seemed to make sense!! I filled a formal complaint, and she was able to find the previous tracking number from 3 weeks ago -the first time I had the same incident. She agreed that it was a suspicious situation and she offered to follow the case very close.

    I'll keep updating on the movement of my package, but I really find this very suspicious.

    Just in case, the location where my packages are "losing the labels" is: fedex MEMPHIS, TN. and I also got the name of the person "who is not being able to find my pack unless I disclose what's inside!!! If you have any info, please join the effort to report this unusual situation.
  6. This is definitely suspicious and I will definitely be furious too! To pay for overnight and then get all these drama, it's the frustration that would bother me the most, and to think that someone might be eyeing your package! I'm glad you talked to the supervisor and hope you find out what is wrong soon!
  7. How frustrating! I believe Memphis is home to the main FedEx hub in the US, they must have thousands of packages going through there every single day. I'm sure H and FedEx will make it right. I know you will demand it!
  8. Here is definitely something suspicious going on. Tampering with mail is a federal offense with a jail time as a penalty.
    One thing I don't understand-how is this person would know that it's your package that has no label on?
    Good luck, you have done everything right and whoever is committing the fraud at your local FedEx is going to regret it, this is very serious. I would file an official complain with FedEx about all this by the way.
  9. FedEx is not US mail. It is a package delivery service. Different laws apply.
  10. I ordered some stuff from H online about two weeks ago. Had it overnight delivered and was disappointed when it finally arrived and the box was severely dented. So much so that the orange H boxes inside holding my goodies were all messed up. I know it's not a big deal but I like to store my H stuff in the orange boxes and if they are luckily all the merchandise was fine.
  11. Happy ending and a reveal!!! :smile:
    Let me be clear: has nothing to do with it and they were very understanding and offered a refund for my shipping cost. The people from my local FedEx office, excellent, like always. The problem: packs coming from through MEMPHIS, TN.

    So, this is how my nightmare resumes. I tracked the package yesterday again, and to my surprise, the package had arrived at my local FedEx office!!! What? How? According to FedEx my package was still missing on Friday evening!! So I went to the office to pick my package. When I got there, they were asking again about what was the content of the package??? I explained what happened and described how the package should look like and finally!!! They had my package!!! They were very concerned with the entire situation and agreed that it was weird to happen exact the same, twice in a row. Any way, as I expected, the label that was "lost" was intact!! The silver wrap bag was intact as well; otherwise I would have asked to open the pack at the office. What happened, I still don't know, but to me, this is very weird/suspicious. Is it because of the size of the package? Maybe (both were small packages) This is the first time I have a problem with a package in years, and I receive 5-10 packs a month from FedEx and to happen this, 2 times from packs coming from the same location?? I'm a bit concerned with future purchases from For the moment, I'm very happy that I finally got my scarf, see below :biggrin:

    Thank you TPF :smile: last Friday I was really frustrated, mad, disconcerted, and I felt here was the only place where I could share this situation and maybe hear from someone with a similar problem! :biggrin:
    1 copy.jpg 2 copy.jpg 3.jpg 4 copy.jpg
  12. Beautiful scarf! I am glad that it finally arrived safely. Whew! Very suspicious situation with Fed Ex! I guess it is a cautionary tale for all of us to keep in mind. Enjoy your gorgeous new scarf!
  13. The pink is adorable and matches your scarf ring perfectly! Congrats!
  14. Same laws apply to every delivery service whether it's a private entity or Government agency.

    gardencita beautiful scarf! I'm glad it's over, I understand how you felt, I've been through similar situation myself.
    Maybe they thought it's some sort of explosive, who knows...the sender's address listed as some warehouse, right?
  15. I just find this thread since I am getting into a similar situation here... I ordered a silk scarf from as well and the package is now missing while Fedex insists they delivered the package out side my building door at 6:55 am on the past Monday morning. It is weird that I was at home that morning and hardly slept at that time. I heard the ring bell once (from my building's front gate) and I unlock the building door, and I got a package from Amazon. I am sure I did not hear the ring bell a second time. As I checked the tracking status on Tuesday through Fedex I found the status is "delivered". Also there is a note saying "Signature Service not requested". I double checked on and find out there is a regulation states "all packages require signature". I called Fedex customer service, and interestingly, after their inspection, on Wednesday they called me they spoke with the driver, the driver did delivered the package. BUT, as the driver said, there was nobody answer the ring bell and he left my package OUTSIDE the building door. (Actually there are two doors at the front gate of my building,the outside one is for public entry, and the other one is locked for only resident access and can only be unlock through residents by pushing the button at home after hearing the ring bell. So the customer service kept saying "He left the package between the two doors." and suggest me to call the shipper. Then I called customer support, they said they will file a claim to Fedex but it will take some time.
    Does anyone have some experience like this? I am just frustrated because this was a gift for my mom's birthday.
    BTW at the front gate, there is a monitor between those two doors installed by the apartment. I don't know if it is working all the time. Should I do something or just wait?