FedEx LEFT my brand new boots on my porch

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  1. Okay, maybe it is just me.

    I love my FedEx man, but they keep leaving my Coach products on my porch. When I orderd my Lily I told the Coach store I wanted it held at my local FedEx location for pickup for two reasons.

    1) They keep just leaving my packages on the porch
    2) Then I can get my package first thing in the morning instead of waiting all day while it is on a truck (I live around the corner from the FedEx dist. center)

    Since I knew it would be at my door by noon a few weeks ago I waited for the Lily. However, the boots were not sent overnight so they were set to arrive today and he left them on my porch with a "signature release" note.


    Why do they keep leaving my packages on the porch? Particularly the ones from Coach????
  2. Have you called FedEx to complain about your driver leaving items? They shouldn't do that if you didn't authorize them leaving it at your door without a signature.
  3. I would complain to fedex about that. My boyfriend was having a cellphone delivered to his apartment and they never leave anything at the step for obvious reason. They have ALWAYS either left it with the office or just not delivered it that day. For some reason this day they not only left it on his porch near the street the UPS guy ignored the fact that it required a signature.Thankfully, his neighbor found it and brought it in so none of the kids coming home from school might see a box with "tmobile" printed all over it and take it. He called UPS to complain and found out that the particular UPS guy was already being disciplined for doing that to a lot of people and since he wasn't getting signatures UPS had to eat the cost for some stolen goods.
  4. That is really weird that they did that. I do have a signature release on file with FedEx and they wouldn't leave my Miranda due to the price. So I had to drive 40 minutes to FedEx to pick it up. When I ordered my Lily, I asked the store to have it delivered there, since I work just around the corner from the Mall that Coach is at. I would call and complain most definately.

    What boots did you get???
  5. Most people complain that fedex WON"T leave packages.....

    That said...can you send them to your workplace instead if you're worried about it?
  6. I believe it is an agreement that Coach has with FedEx. Our SAs tell people that if they don't think they will be home and don't want it drop shipped then to have it delivered to the store so they can pick it up there. Strange because most of the shipments I send out require a signature but for some reason they just leave it.
  7. Fedex keeps leaving our packages outside, too. It's really annoying, I am always worried that someone will take our packages. Sometimes they are delivering a Fedex document envelope, they hide it under our doormat. We live in an apartment complex and UPS leaves it at the office. Not sure why Fedex can't do that.
  8. Well, it is good to know that for a Lily they wouldn't have left them because of price :smile:

    FedEx is literally 4 minutes (if I hit the red light) from my house so actually having packages held so I can go get them allows me to keep my sanity and not stalk the FedEx man via the website.

    Okay, I bought Marian boots in Khaki/Chestnut, but they aren't evn on the website anymore (they were yesterday !!!).

    I wore them today, but will post pictures sometime tomorrow :smile:
  9. :cursing:
    The SA's typically ask me if I want the package to be signature only and I ALWAYS choose this. In '06 I bought a scarf tote which had SIGNATURE REQUIRED on the box and receipt and FedEx (not my usual guy) still left it on the porch. Then it fell over off the porch, the tape seal was slightly open, and the purse was only wrapped in tissue. No plastic, no dust bag, NOTHING. It was mailed to me from a store and not JAX.

    Now, I really try to be home or I have my husband wait for my Coach or I give them the actual FedEx address and they hold them. I simply forgot on this package and so they were left on the porch. Sometime FedEx will take the package to my leasing office like UPS (I live in a townhouse), but more often than not if I am not here they are left on the porch.

    I was just really curious if anyone else had this issue. In Houston I had FedEx say they "tried" to deliver and no one was home when I was feet from the door ALL DAY. Now they really got 'cussed out and they had to immediately come back with my packages (internet stalking at its best since I immediately knew when it showed as undelivered).
  10. My new boots
    Marian Boots.jpg
  11. Congrats on the boots! They are pretty! The SA usually asks me too if they can leave the package, which is fine where I live because no one could see it from the street. I'm glad nobody took your package though! I once had a package that had to be signed for left with a did they know if I trusted this neighbor or not? Anyway, the neighbor is fine but they were out ALL day and I couldn't get my package till late at night :smile:

  12. Folks have had the same problem in our neighborhood. A fedex man actualy left a large package for us outside in the rain. In fact we were home he never even knocked on the door. The item was ruined and thankfully the company excganged it. Are your things being sent ground. Apparently ground can just leave things.

  13. No, Coach standard is Express Saver which is 3-4 days delivery. I usually beg for them to upgrade it to overnight :smile: