fedex left my 05 turq at the door step!!!

  1. OMG!!! I won a 05 turq first from eBay a while ago and it was finally delivered today, but fedex l left the package on the door step (according to fedex tracking number) there was no signature required! When specially asked the seller to get “signature confirmation” because I will I will not be at home to sign for the package and didn’t want it to be left on the door step. I live by a high school and there’s tons of kids walking around the house.

    I got home and there’s no package on the door step, I have asked my parents and everything. No one saw anything.

    I will email the seller to refund me, but what if they refuse? What are my options? What should I do? Will paypal refund me? I paid $1000 for the bag. Should I tell the seller to refund me first and she could file the claim with fedex etc? since she “said” she brought insurance. I am so lost…and in tears now!

    :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. SO SORRY! It sounds like it is her fault for not getting the sign. confirmation like you asked. I would email her!
  3. Call FedEX RIGHT NOW! I ship hundreds of packages a week with both them and UPS, this happens more often than you think. Hopefully the seller insured the package. If so, you are covered (file a claim, etc. Takes a few weeks to get your $). If not, I think the default (included) insurance on the package is $100.

    Good luck! Please let us know how this turns out!
  4. PS Also email the seller immediately, fill them in on what happened, and ask about signature and insurance. If you paid via PayPal, you may have some recourse there.
  5. I run the shipping dept for my company - occassionally, drivers deliver to the wrong house/address.

    This happens more often than FedEx will admit - perhaps, a neighbor will come over later with your package - this does happen.

    Good luck - and YES, call FedEx right away!!
  6. oh no...
    contact the seller... !!
    YOU BETTER GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!... contact fedex too..

    i really hope it works out for you, hate seeing thingsl ike this happen..

  7. =(

    i have emailed the seller and received no response. So i have filed a claim with paypal...sigh...

    i don't know what else i could do...should i call my CC company too? or is it just too early to do that now?

    i'm so freaked out!
  8. Call FedEx right away. Did you check your side door and back door/inside your fence? Sometimes they try to tuck it away unseen. Also, make sure to ask FedEx if they left it with a neighbor.
  9. Rondafaye,

    i did! fedex said they will investigate it..i've asked them if the sender paid $1000 for insurance and they said the sender didn't declare anything!!!

    i'm really scared i will be short $1k for nothing
  10. go to your paypal transaction details, or auction page, and see if the auction was covered under Paypal Buyer Protection. If so, you are covered for up to 1k and ultimately, the claim will result in paypal paying you that money. If it is also covered by Seller Protection (it has to be elligible on the seller's end, which only she knows, AND she has to prove that it was shipped with tracking to a confirmed addressed), she will also be covered by paypal up to 1k. If not, she will be responsible for the 1k, and they suspend her account if she doesn't reimburse them. This happened to me (USPS lost a bag), and I won the claim and the 1k. Because my seller didn't even get tracking or delivery confirmation, she was responsible for the 1k. She didn't pay it, and they closed her accounts on both eBay and paypal. Paypal told me they will never let her open a new one connected to ANY of her same bank accounts or credit cards. But whatever... she vanished. Unfortunately, my bag was 1300, so left with $300 of my money.

    Anyway, lived through it. It's a pain, but I'm sure you'll get your money back. You didn't do anything wrong.
  11. I'd continue to actively persue it with all 3 parties (paypal, seller and fedex) until you are compensated accordingly.

    Hopefully your bag ends up turning up!

    Try to stay positive xoxox
  12. Oh this is bad. I hope you will get your money back quickly or even better find out that one of the neighbors has taken in the package...
    I hate to hear these things.

    Once the ups guy just threw one of my bal-packages just over the fence onto the gravel infront of my house.
    And this was a tracked shipment which required delivery confirmation!
    I was lucky that it didn't rain that day!
  13. Sorry to hear about this - I really hope the bag turns up.

    How can a seller leave themselves so unprotected, trying to save themselves a few bucks but it just ends up biting them in the ass.

    Krysalin, please keep copied of all correspondence, inc. a printout of the Fedex tracking and delivery confirmation.
  14. :shocked::shocked::shocked:
  15. I am sooooo sorry.

    We all know how excited we get waiting for those packages to arrive. I really hope it turns up!