Fedex just dropped off........!!!!

  1. Fedex just dropped off my new goodies. No stripping for you , just putting it all out there for you to see!
  2. Lovely, congrats!!
  3. yay!!

    the pink one is actually really cute!
  4. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE everything! Is that the med or lg shoulder bag?
  5. That's actually really cute IRL...I may have to look into that.
  6. Thanks girls, I love the color of the pink:love:, so soft and pretty! The bag is the large size but still feels a little small to me! I'm used to Large Carly:lol: but I'll see how it is when I take the stuffing out of it.
  7. Congratulations! I love your matching set!
  8. Omg Love It!!!
  9. Oh! I MUST see modeling pictures of the large on you! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I want to see if this is big enough. Do you have a medium Carly by any chance to compare the size to? I want something in between the medium and large Carly.
  10. Really cute... nice matching accessories!
  11. Jenn, sorry no medium size anything here!:lol: I can put it next to a large Carly for you. And if you give me a few minutes to throw clothes on:yes: I'll model it for you. I 've been cleaning in my sweats!
  12. that pink is adorable! congrats!
  13. Oh that is just darling, congrat's and enjoy! cant wait to see pic's with loaded up and modeling pix :biggrin:

    Id love to see inside the wallet if that is possible.

    thanks for sharing.....:yahoo:
  14. Thank you! I have a good idea on the difference between the medium and large Carly even though I don't have a large.
  15. cute! how perfect for valentine's! :tup: Can we see some modeling pics? :p