Fedex just delivered me two goodies

  1. I just received my order from Burberry. I purchased the rain boots mid calf and the ankle booties. I know most people on here don't care to much for these boots, but I love them. It just started to rain in CAL so they arrived just in time.

    Pics are from, I will post my own pics tonight.
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. so adorable:smile:
  3. cute!
  4. I might have to exchange the ankle boots as they run really big. I can't walk without my heel slipping out.
  5. I love the minis, they're so cute and they would be great to wear under jeans.
  6. u're definitely on a roll!!!
  7. very cute and very English!
  8. Yeah the ankle boots are going to be perfect with jeans. The mid calf boots fit to a T so I won't be able to wear them with jeans no room. I guess just leggings and skirts with that one.
  9. They are so cute! How is the comfort level?
  10. congrats! very cute! can't wait to see your modeling pics!
  11. very cute! rainboots are essential for philadelphia weather too and these are perfect!
  12. both boots are very comfortable.
  13. I love them both!!! Especially the ankle boots!!!!
  14. Super cute...I love rain boots.
  15. Those are adorable!