FedEx is on the way with my second PCE package...

  1. ...and if he doesn't get here in the next hour I will not be able to get my package until sometime on Monday as we are heading out before noon for our office holiday party this afternoon. I hope he gets here soon.
  2. I HATE THAT!!!!!
    I have an insured pkg to sign for from USPS that came Weds, and last night we were @ Coach, tonight we are busy and we have drill Sat and no package for me until MONDAY!!!!

    I hope you get it today!!!!!!!
  3. oh no!!! :wtf: I hope it shows up real soon!!!!!!! :yes:
  4. i'm waiting on fedex too!!!! where's your holiday party??? prob totally different but my uncles company is having theirs in chicago tomorrow night
  5. I hope you get it!! ***crossing my fingers***
  6. OMG I hope they show up any second!

    Enjoy the party regardless!!!
  7. i hope you get it soon...
  8. did fed ex make it before you had to go? I'm currently waiting for UPS .. not for a coach bag though :sad:
  9. I hate waiting for UPS more than FedEx because they never show up when they are supposed to and if they leave a note on your door they don't show up during the times they check on the slip...EVER. It's like they wait for me to leave and then try to deliver the pkg and leave a slip...they don't leave stuff at the door because we live in an apt. FedEx and USPS are the only ones that will leave stuff at our door!
  10. A few months ago I was waiting for a package from someone that was sent via UPS. It was my birthday and I had waited all day for them to come and finally called UPS and they said that there is no "estimated time" that they can deliver up to MIDNIGHT!!! I try to avoid ups as much as I can now.
  11. No package today. :tdown: Will have to wait until Monday.

    Christmas lunch was fun, though.
  12. Really??? WOW...
  13. wow, here our UPS guy is great, whereas Fed Ex is awful. UPS actually brings the packages to our door, whereas Fed Ex has left the wrong packages and has to come back and get them and even if we're home he won't bring it to the door, he just leaves them somewhere. The worst was when it was raining and he didn't even put the package in a bag.

  14. Aww... I hate waiting !!! hahahaha

    Glad your lunch was fun!
  15. awww. sorry you didn't get your package.
    what goodie are you waiting on? :nuts: