fedex is here .....

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  1. bringing my black LE sofia.
    she is a beauty..... :love:.
    i got it on sale too.... (after calling prob 20 Saks and Neimans).
  2. Once you get it, post pics please!!!!
  3. Congrats Me_love_purse! Glad that it works out for you.
    May we see some pictures? =)
  4. here she is....
    i cannot figure out how to do watermark to save my life.:P
  5. That's a great bag! I had it in white but sold it to fund another purchase and I'm still kicking myself. Enjoy it--it's a classic!
  6. Gorgeous bag! And getting it on sale too?! Lucky you!
  7. yep...
    but i literally called like 20 stores. called the east coast store on the drive to work, call midwest store on lunch break, and call west coast store on the drive home from work.
    i was a mad woman for like 3 days.
  8. Poor you, but it's well worth it now that you get it. =) Congrats again! =)
  9. Congrats! What a pretty bag!
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