Fedex is bringing me some orange boxes today ...

  1. Jul 27, 2007 8:11 AM

    On FedEx vehicle for delivery

    I'm soooo :yahoo:
  2. :dothewave: Woohoo!!! Can't wait to see! Everyone is getting new stuff today! Makes me want to go out and shop :devil:
  3. :yahoo::nuts:
  4. :graucho:can I go with you :smile:
  5. oh my gosh there are a whole slew of members with orange boxes!!
  6. Of course :yahoo:
  7. YEAH !!!

    My kids are going to hate me today.... I'm glued to the house :smile:
  8. and a little hint it is colorful:smile:
  9. hkloosterman, please help my heart. May the unveiling be swift and elegant. :p

    Colourful ..... scarves!
  10. Good guess mrssparkles, one of them is !!!!
  11. Ohhh, so excited to see some lovely pics!!! I need a dose of color here in gloomy MI.
  12. HKL - cant wait to see what you got!
  13. me neither !!!! thx ladies I'm soo anxious .... building up here :smile:
  14. Very exciting, HK! Can't wait to see everything and congratulate you!
  15. Awesome, hk. :smile: Can't wait to see your goodies. :smile: