Fedex have lost my Dentelle Ludlow!

  1. On the weekend I ordered a dentelle ludlow wallet from Louis Vuitton's UK website. I received the tracking information and was expecting to receive it on Tuesday. Well Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday came and went, with no Ludlow. When I checked the Fedex tracking website it claimed the parcel was undeliverable each day, due to customer not being home. Which is complete nonsense, as there was someone at home every day this week. So finally sick of this I phoned Fedex today and after speaking to numerous different managers and spending ages on the phone I have found out that they have lost my parcel! They have told me that they will inform the sender, and that I should also inform them so that I can claim my refund. So annoying!

    This is my second bad experience with Fedex. When I ordered my Azur Speedy they took over 10 days to deliver it because they claimed the address was incorrect. So frustrating.

    Anyone else had any similar experiences with Fedex losing a parcel and claiming a refund of your money from LV?
  2. wow sorry to hear that. I have never had a problem with fedex. But UPS lost a package of mine containing Dior boots which I paid $1450 for. I opened a claim and within 7 days, the company I ordered from refunded my money. Call fedex to open claim and also notify the company you purchased from. You will get your money back.
  3. oh no :sad: i hope you get this resolved asap. *hug*
  4. So sorry to hear that!!! You know,actually i have a friend who used to work at Fedex and he told me that sometimes workes steal!!!So i will not be surprised if your wallet was just stolen!!I also had a bad experience with fedex---but my order was not from LV,it was from Neiman Marcus---i ordered some clothing and it was worth around 1000 dollars and i never received it,i got my refund,but it is really upsetting!!!!:sad:
  5. Oh I hope you get your ludlow soon! Sorry you have to deal with this.:flowers:
  6. It's stressful to order, you really never know if it's going to come or something's going to happen, that's terrible! I've had good luck with Fedex so far, but always stress about it. I'm glad I won't be ordering anything for a while, cause I don't like the whole fedex scene eventhough so far so good for me. You'll get your refund, I just hope you can get another ludlow! hugs.
  7. :wtf::wtf::wtf:that's crazy! I'm sorry to hear that!
  8. oh..sorry to hear about that..hope you can get a new one soon. (big hug!)
  9. OMG that is horrible!!!!
  10. Your poor, beautiful wallet! So sorry to hear about it... :sad:
  11. I work for a company that ships products and gets returns every day and 9 times out of 10 the package is not "lost", the delivery person stole it. Its easy to get your money back but it still sucks when there is something amazing in the package!!
  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your bad shipping experiences with FedEx. Hope you get this resolved soon and get another Dentelle Ludlow.
  13. don't delivery people have to sign for/be accountable for taking x amount of packages from said company and actually delivering them? it seems pretty random that no one would keep check on this.

    hope you get your ludlow! :idea:
  14. I am so sorry to hear about this. Good luck. I know it is frustrating.
  15. Poor Lulow! Hope things get sorted out quickly.