FedEx has lost my eLux order! Argh!

  1. Well, I just have to vent. I ordered a new LV french purse from eLux, and it was shipped on 2/21 via FedEx. I looked on their website yesterday and the "approximate delivery date" was supposed to be 2/27. I looked again on the website today, and now there isn't even a delivery date specified. I called FedEx and they have no idea where my delivery is, so they can only try and do a search on it. I'm so bummed, I was really looking forward to having this wallet yesterday! :crybaby:
  2. oh no! That really stinks! I'm so sorry! I hope they find it and get it to you asap!
  3. So sorry to hear that. Hope they have it and you will get it soon.
  4. omg! that is terrible! i hope they can locate it for you, or reimburse it!
  5. Awww... sorry about that! I hope they find it soon too!
  6. omg... Hope they find your package, Lori!
  7. wow! that sucks! i'm sorry and I hope they find it soon!
  8. Oh, sorry to hear! FedEx sometimes really makes me :cursing:
    Hope you get it soon though! :flowers:
  9. The same happened to me a few days ago... I was awaiting a bag from the UK, approximate delivery date was 23 Feb (friday)... I waited... and checked the website... it was in Frankfurt/Germany in the morning, which is close to my town... checked again a few hours later... it was in Hannover, which is ~300 km away from here :wtf:
    I called the customer service... nothing. They said, I wasn't at home (I was!), they are going to try again in the evening evening. Guess what? No parcel. They indeed shipped it to the wrong town... After ~6 more calls I finally got it on tuesday. Fedex sucks!
    I hope you'll get yours soon! Keep us updated!
  10. So sorry to hear that...hope you will get it soon...and keep us updated
  11. again? this has happened before?
  12. I hope you get your package soon!
  13. HI, this happened to me once before. Eluxury will put a tracer on your package, it will take 7-10 days and eluxury will re-ship or refund your money. hope this helps
  14. Call Elux, whenever this happens I call the vendor direct and they get on Fedex hard and it always makes them find it a lot faster!
  15. That's so frustrating! I hate fed-ex. My last package from elux was left on my door without a signature...grrr! Lucky it was there when I got home!