FedEx guy stopped by today and brought me...

  1. I have been waiting for my LV order to arrive for the last couple of days. This afternoon FedEx guy rang the door bell and sure enough, it was my big box shipped from Hawaii! :p
  2. :drool: :nuts::yahoo:
  3. oh come on come on... unwrap......
  4. What is it?
  5. oh, I hate these threads! I need to know!!! :smile:
  6. What is it!!! Show us!
  7. :popcorn:
  8. Okay you play too much!
  9. oooh i see you have a LV Pagase 50 Amarante on your list... looks big enough to be that!
  10. LOL, that is a big package for a small bag. Congrats.
  11. Maybe that's it!!!
  12. Really? Pagase 50 Amarante...???
  13. so what happened?
  14. Im going to scream.
  15. Phooey... an hour later and no more pics!? :beach: