Fedex Ground is the way to go

  1. With PO prices rising and folks wanting to haggle over shipping prices I have found Fedex Ground is the way to go. It seems to be cheeper then the post office and you get a tracking number and insurances is easily tacked on. I have been having issues with people not wanting to pay PO rates and additional for insurance, tracking etc... the last few bags I sold this way...and listed as tracking and insurance included and everyone has been delighted!
  2. Ditto! I stopped using USPS. I have found fedex to be less than UPS as well.
  3. I was wondering about fed - ex.
    Can you mail your boxes from Kinko's and/or satlite offices - or do you have to go to the Fed Ex building to mail?
  4. is it faster shipping than UPS?
  5. The Pony Express is faster than UPS! :hs:

    I love FedEx, and they deliver on Saturdays, I can't believe UPS still doesn't yet do that. :shrugs:
  6. i alwasy found the FEDEX was more expensive...i wen tot both places with same package a few times and USPS is alwasy cheaper
  7. You can ship from any kinkos...but you need to make sure its shipped GROUND. so much better. it seems to be solving issues of buyers not wanting to pay for tracking etc...its all included.
  8. I always have found USPS is the fastest. UPS is kinda slow sometimes and so is fedex. On orders I get shipped to me, I prefer USPS and I always ship it even if it's a little more expensive, shipping gets to the other person so fast via priority. Sometimes just a day!

  9. Ever since USPS's recent price increases the prices have become ridiculous and gosh forbid your box exceeds the size limit they set for priority mail. My box was an inch larger than the max and I was charged a $10. fee in addition. Enough was enough when it cost me over $50. to ship priority w/ins. to NY. That was a joke. Everyone stock up on your forever stamps. lol

    USPS Priority Mail is 2-3 days. Fedex ground 4-5. Mind you I always insure my packages so I know that accounts for the higher price. BUT I have found the price to be much less using FEDEX ground, so for me the savings is worth the extra day or two longer delivery time.
  10. I use Fed Ex GROUND for all my shipping. I MUCH prefer them to USPS.
  11. It's cheaper but seems to take twice as long or more to arrive than USPS priority mail.
  12. I have the worst time trying to get signature confirmation on FedEx.. and once they lost a package that I sent to a buyer, so now I stay away from them. USPS and UPS are more consistent/reliable for me, and I get a great corporate discount on UPS.
  13. As a buyer, I like USPS the best, since the others are a PITA if there's a signature required, especially UPS by me! It's in a weird industrial park, hard to find, always takes forever for them to dig out my package, and limited hours to boot. I really don't understand why anyone uses UPS, since every time I check on sending something through them, they're like 2x USPS. I guess if you have the corporate discount it might be worth it?
  14. I always use FedEx....they're the best!