FedEx Ground can kiss my...

  1. I ordered a beige inclusion bracelet from 866-VUITTON a week ago. It was shipped via FedEx Ground. Bad idea! I should have known, last time I had something shipped FedEx Ground, it was a hassle to get it.

    The driver tried to deliver it twice, at the worst times - in the middle of the :censor: workday! Who the :censor: is home?! There is supposed to be a third redelivery attempt, but the last activity that shows when I track the package is from two days ago. WTF. I have called FedEx numerous times, only to get the worst customer service representatives on the face of this planet. One guy couldn't get off the phone fast enough - he told me to go to the FedEx facility and pick it up, then promptly hung up on me :mad:

    After calling and politely pitching a fit (yes, it can be done :P ), I was transferred to a customer advocate representative who deals directly with these issues. She informed me today that the FedEx facility here in Orlando cannot find my package. The person she spoke to at the facility said that because the package is so small, it probably got lost somewhere in the driver's truck! :shocked: :mad: The person said that they would try to find the package today, and the customer advocate said she'd be in touch with me.

    I am so pissed off. I have never had such bad service and trouble with shipping as I have had with FedEx Ground. Ladies, if you order something from 866-VUITTON, make sure you pay the $20 or $30 and get the expedited shipping. Since the bracelet was coming from Boca Raton, I figured it would arrive quickly, even on Saturday, since it was shipped Friday. Hell, I could have already driven down there and picked it up myself :rolleyes:

    Phew, that felt better! Thanks for letting me vent :shame:
  2. OMG Cristina, that is awful! Losing your package because it is "small" is simply unacceptable! Be sure to keep calling them, as I have found in the past that in situations like this, when they say they will be in touch, that usually means I have to harass them until I get what I want. Good luck, I hope you get your bracelet.
  3. What crap! They can't find it?! What a responsible business :rolleyes:
  4. OMG...I hope you will get your bracellet..[​IMG] soon..
  5. Oh this is amazing. I never said anything but I had problems with Fedex Ground too and just had them send the package back! I go into LV now purchase less hassle.
  6. The "what's the big deal" attitude is horrible! I had that once when a dry cleaner lost a pair of pants - they wanted to pay me $30 for a $200 pair of pants worn once. I had a receipt, they were maybe a week old and their response "who pays that much for pants?":mad:

    I use my own FedEx account and overnight everything!!!
  7. omg, thats horrible!! Keep calling them and harassing them until they find it! I hope you get it soon and take pics when you do! :smile:
  8. I've also had problems with FedEx ground. I agree, pay extra for expedited shipping. I'm sorry this happened and I hope they find your bracelet.
  9. aw, I hope you get it soon!
  10. i even got some attitude from the fed ex cs in my country... i might change my heart to dhl after this...
  11. I realized that I'm not the only one who has problems with FedEx Ground (obviously). I googled "FedEx Ground Sucks" and came up with pages of stories where people described their horrible experiences.

    Supposedly, FedEx Ground is not really affiliated with FedEx Overnight or other expedited services. They have had horrible reviews from customers, drivers and customer service reps being rude, etc. I talked to someone today at the gym whose boyfriend works for FedEx, and she said he cannot stand the FedEx Ground extension of the company.

    fashion_junky - Oh, I have harrassed :lol: I asked if I could leave a formal complaint, said that the customer service I had received was horrible, and that it is ridiculous how they attempt to deliver items at times when people are working. I requested that the bracelet be delivered after 6 p.m. (twice!), and was just told today that since the driver doesn't work that late, it's not going to happen :rolleyes: I will never be using FedEx Ground again.

    A few months ago, they also left a package at my doorstep, even though it required a signature. The package was stolen :mad: We received a refund, but it was still a hassle.
  12. That sucks Cristina. I hope you b:censor: h the hell out of Fedex so that they will find your bracelet. And I still can't believe that the Fedex rep actually hung up on you :amazed: , I would be furious. I completely agree with you on the shipping thing, they seem to be more responsible when we opt for 2-3 day or even express shipping. Get your bracelet girl!:flowers:
  13. Oh no.. I hope they find the package. That is just awful!!! Sorry to hear this Cristina. I know how much you look forward to receiving the bracelet.
  14. I agree that FedEx Ground is the worst!!! You can never track the packages until they are delivered. Their tracking has shown that I package was delivered, but it never was. I cringe when I hear that I am receiving a package via FedEx Ground.
  15. I feel your pain! A few weeks ago I ordered something that was shipped through FedEx. I work at home, so other than taking my kids back and forth to school, I'm usually home all day. Well, the day I was expecting this FedEx delivery, it kept getting later and later and I finally checked the front porch. There was a tag there that they had attempted delivery. I was right here! They obviously didn't even ring the bell. Argh!