Fedex from USA to Germany

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone here had this experience before? I plan on purchasing a bag from La Garconne, but they only ship to Germany with Fedex.
    Can anyone tell me how the brokerage fees are with Fedex? From my experience, when I lived in Vancouver, they are the lesser of the evils (UPS, DHL, etc), when having items shipped from Germany (they only charged $10 as oppose to $50+with UPS).
    I do understand taxes and duties must be paid, but when the shipping companies charge hefty fees, then the purchase may not even worth it.

    TIA for any input!
  2. Hi,

    my brother ordered something from the usa to the Netherlands,

    Item Total:
    $89,00 USD
    Sales Tax:
    $0,00 USD
    $29,80 USD
    $0,00 USD
    Total amount:
    $118,80 USD

    days after receiving the package we got a letter with about 12euro taxes and duties. hope this helps