Fedex Finally brought my Magenta 1st & Truffle Twiggy but.....

  1. The strap on the twiggy has INK all over the underside. And the Magenta First has an Ink spot on the front? How How How can this be? I'm so annoyed! Pics will follow in a minute. Besides that I have decided SGH is NOT ME. After all my exchanged, returns etc... My Violet SGH City is going back. MY SA is going to have my head!:cursing:
  2. Oh NO!! I'm assuming the twiggy was purchased from a private seller as opposed to a retailer? Ugh! That can get so messy! And what about the magenta? If that was from a retailer, then at least an exchange will be easier. Post pics! So sorry this happened- hope everything works out.

  3. No, they both just arrived from Saks. WTH? Maybe the SA had a Pen around when she was packing them? How can they both have ink? The Twiggy must have been there for a while and the Magenta is brand new. So weird. Now I have to wait until Sat for my SA. I'm so upset.
  4. The ink stains are horrid and those bags MUST be returned.

    I feel horriible for you...That's just NOT right.

    I LOVE the next Bal Bag will be a Day though....or Work!

    Good luck and DO post pics.
  5. Ohh no Z&J!!

    Your violet city is so fabulous though, I'm sure your SA will have no probs selling it ;) Mmmmmmm must resist, must resist!

    I ended up buying a giant traveler from her too!!
  6. :sad:

    I am so sorry- that is sooo annoying after you have been expecting them to come perfect.
  7. least you can always send it back!
  8. Here are the pictures. Look how cute the Magenta looks with my top for our party this weekend. Oh well guess Ill use something else. So sad.


  9. Love the bag, but so sorry to hear that it has an ink spot.
  10. thats terrible, some balenciagas have marks like that but a little smaller, looks just like pen but its the freckling in the goat skin believe it or not....HOW ANNOYING have a good party though!
  11. OMG! Z&J, I'm sorry, I know how much of a bummer that is when you've been waiting. The SA must have a pen on the counter or in their hand.

    Aside from personalities, I am amazed when I see the way these bags are treated by some SA's. I once had an SA package my designer bag holding an uncapped pen in her hand. I asked her to be careful as she was HOLDING an open pen......:wtf:........she opened her hand to show me that everything was A okay because the ink was getting on her hand instead of the bag, she assured me she does it all the time. WHAT!!! Okay.....but then where does all that ink on the palm of your sweaty hand end up later?? I couldn't believe it. Thankfully though she did not get any ink on the bag. Needless to say, I have never bought anything from this SA again.

    It's really too bad because then these damaged items cannot be sold.

    Good luck, I hope you get some free. :smile:
  12. double post
  13. Oh no........I love your top it's beautiful, the bag is perfect with it.....:sad:

    Is that the only spot on the magenta? Is it possible it could be one of the little black spots that sometimes show up on the bags? The spot looks like it could be bigger than that, but thought I'd mention it.
  14. You have every right to be upset!! :cursing: These bags should come to you in perfect condition!! Well, at least it'll be much easier to do returns or exchanges, but STILL! What a huge disappointment when you've been eagerly anticipating that bbag package!! :crybaby:

    However, the bag looks GORGEOUS with your top. So sad that you can't wear it as you planned. Those careless SA's! :sad:
  15. Argh! What the hell!? Ink on a brand new Bbag from Saks?! Either a very careless SA dealt with your bag or it got stained at the factory. I'm assuming SA because I've seen the way they deal with Bbags right in front of customers. :cursing:

    And you would think, with such an obvious stain on your Bbag that the SA would give you another one, but no, they ship it off like customers wouldn't notice. What are they thinking- that we're blind? Ugh, I hope you get it all taken care of. Good luck!