FedEx dumped my new LV bag on the garbage pail!

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  1. I was anxiously awaiting my two packages from ELuxury (one Manhattan PM and one MC small agenda). Despite my ordering them both the same day (but different time) my Manhattan PM was scheduled to come much earlier than my agenda.

    It arrived today at my house but I wasn't home to sign off the delivery. The package specifically was for signature confirmation. But instead of returning the next day, I get a note on my door from the FedEx guy saying "Package in Blue Pail"...meaning my blue garbage can!! Luckily, my package was still there but the online tracking indicated that my package arrived at 3pm, and I didn't arrive home until 8pm. Someone could have easily walked away with that package! And when I clicked on the "online signature confirmation", it was a messy nonsensical scribble...which was obviously the FedEx guy signing as me so that he wouldn't have to make a second trip.

    I called into both FedEx and ELuxury to report the incident for the principle of it, because while my package was luckily still there, it could have easily been the opposite and happen in the future to someone else. :cursing: Has anyone experienced this?
  2. what a jerk!!!! stupid fedex guy!!!!!!
  3. OMG this is INEXCUSABLE!!! I seriously cannot believe the NERVE of them putting your LV in the GARBAGE CAN!!!

    I am so glad you reported this!!!
  4. ur fedex guy is a dumba**....
    blue pail? wtf?
    i can believe that happened!!!
    i hope he gets fired!
  5. Good grief!!

    Luckily your order was still there!

    I can't imagine why someone would chuck those into a garbage can and call it a "blue pail"?
  6. Omg, how horrible! What a jerk! Report his a$$!
  7. Not fedex, but ups. Left my package at the neighbor's house when I wasn't home and tracking said delivered. I notice the different delivery guys for the holidays, not the regular, dependable during the rest of the year.
  8. Same thing happened to me. :hysteric:
  9. I would have felt better if they had left it with a neighbor and not just out in the streets where a stranger could have taken it. Well, it could have had a worse ending but I felt it was really something that ELux should know about since their customers are shelling out lots of hard earned money on their products!
  10. OMG! File a complaint now!!! I thought they should hold on to it until you are available for delivery?
  11. Oh my god me too. They just leave the packages annywhere they feel like. My boyfriend got his printer stolen like that and it took forever to get the money back. Even recently some UPS truck was up the street (it's a really inclined street) and he suposedly put the emergency break on (don't believe him) and the truck came crashing into my neighbours car and house, and damaged 4 houses on the way like mailboxes, ramps, trees, it was a mess. These guys are idiots, and apparently it already hapened to that guy before and they didn't fired him over that ! Crazy !!
  12. Thank goodness it was still there....I notice they are alot more la at holiday time.
  13. wtf???! hes so stupid!! You are sooo lucky your stuff are still there(in the garbage pail ughhh!!!)
  14. I have a question about this FedEx...did they ever deliver package after 6pm?
    My speedy 30 will be delivered tomorrow at 7 pm and I wish I will get it in person, but isn't it a little bit late for delivering????
  15. Hate Fedex, I am glad at leat you found your package..