FEDEX does it again!

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    I HATE FEDEX. They did it AGAIN! Who hires these people, why are they allowed to carry our precious packages with NO care, responsibility or REGARD?! I am fuming, I just got done CRYING, because I can't handle this anymore.

    I ordered my Transparent GM Inclusion Bracelet from NM in Houston. They sent it out, gave me my tracking and I went to look and it estimated it being here tomorrow, the 21st. I looked this morning and low and behold it was " On vehicle out for delivery" So...they are early one day, figures. I call them and speak to a rep. and they make a note for the driver cause it was early enough to get him the message AND advised me to write a note on the door for him as well. I wrote a note the size of Chicago, felt comfy in the rep. telling the guy and left my house. Came home tonight, note still firmly on the door...go to check online for something like, rescheduled delivery, etc. NOPE! Here what's written (my home town and tracking # I just edited out in here):

    Tracking number

    Ship date
    Feb 16, 2007

    Delivery date
    Feb 20, 2007 1:52 PM

    ----, NY

    Service type


    1.0 lbs.






    Feb 20, 2007 1:52 PM


    ---, NY

    Left at front door. Signature Service not requested.

    1:52 PM

    Delivery exception


    Rerouted to correct delivery address

    7:53 AM

    On FedEx vehicle for delivery


    YEP! NO PACKAGE at my door....soo....did they completely disregard my requests and drop it on the ground and someone STEAL it????????? And WHY didn't Neiman Marcus LV in Houston request a Signature Confirmation!!!!!!! I TOLD the guy at FEDEX too it's an expensive item and he goes, yes..LV yes, you should get it in person, it shouldnt be left out...and here we go...IT WAS! I just called fedex and spoke to another rep. who wrote all this down and has to investigate it tomorrow and talk to the main ceneter where it goes out and the delivery driver, etc,etc, etc. LOVELY. I'm praying they still have it and this is just the online stuff that isin't true..I have NO idea, but if my bracelet is lost I want all my money back and JUSTICE. I hate you FEDEX you inconsiderate bafoons....or however the :censor: you spell it. :mad: :rant:
  2. Sorry!!!
    I hope they accomadate you - I'm sure they will if you make a stink that they just left a package without a signature.........
  3. Hope things are taken care of. I guess these store just dont care, its seems they do nothing when you contact them and *****.

    I had computer stuff taken because the UPS left it outside on by my step.
  4. I am sorry you had to go through that! I hope yourpackage gets there safely!
  5. I am so sorry for you. I have been shocked to come home and find my parcels sitting there from Saks & NM as well. I always wonder what happened if we have no clue it has been delivered until it is taken. Who is responsible? Best of luck in getting your package tomorrow.:sad:
  6. I had a delivery exception when I was waiting on my Speedy 30 to be delivered. I called and complained, they put a trace on my package and were, after I had a bit of a hissy fit, very helpful. The online stuff was NOT correct about where my package was, either.

    Call them, talk to a representative, get a trace put on your package, and we'll hope for the best for you.

    (My bag was somehow being sent back and forth between FedEx home delivery and FedEx ground facilities. I was allowed to go pick it up from their office - where people aren't usually allowed to pick things up from.)
  7. UGH what a nightmare.. I hope your package wasn't stolen but if the tracking info was updated to say it had been delivered, chancers are it was.

    I don't understand why these companys (saks, neiman marcus, Zappos) don't require signatures for all expensive deliveries. It seems like they should standardize a policy that items over a certain dollar amount must be delivered to a person... not to an empty stoop on a busy street!

    I had an expensive item from Zappos stolen from my porch. I had been at a funeral all day and was really upset when I came home to an empty box. I called zappos and they sent me a new one but I don't know what I would have done if they weren't so awesome about it.

    Since then I've tried to ensure that all packages are delivered to work or signature required. UPS will let you specify that ALL packages need a sig. Fed Ex won't let me do this for some reason so I write signature required on the address line when I fill out the delivery address. DHL has followed the note on my door asking to deliver to the rear in my enclosed yard where theives are (hopefully) less likely to be so brazen.
  8. fedex has a lot of issues. they made me sign for a lock and key (refused to leave it at the door) but had no problem leaving a signature service elux shipment on my front steps...

    i hope it all works out for you
  9. I HATE FEDEX TOO!!! :cursing:

    But its true sometimes there internet tracking process is wrong. I had a package that said delivered and it was signed for by someone I don't even know!!! I called them and they finally were able to locate it on one of the trucks. I had the manager at Fedex hold it until my fiance got there to pick it up in person from the same manager. I was heated!!! I hope only good results will be reported back to you.
  10. OMG! I'm SO sorry! I would be crying TOO!! The fedex people have no brains!! I hope they still have it!!!
  11. I was told by fedex I couldn't complain:

    I was waiting for my precious vuitton bologne back from repairs. I waited at home for 3 days instead of going somewhere. Each time I was in a room with the front door entrance apart of it. All it needed was to be knocked on or some sign of life. For three straight days a "not home" notice was put on my door. It got so bad on the last day my mother stayed home with me and she too was in the room. Guess what? The package got returned to the fed ex hub and I had to drive an hour to get my package and back. When my mother called to complain she was told that fedex has no control over their drivers and she can't complain as it would do nothing.
  12. Unbelievable! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  13. The last delivery I had from Fedex, the driver showed up at 8pm, while I was out because I assumed they weren't delivering that late. The next day, I happened to be downstairs doing laundry at 5pm, and i came back upstairs to see the Signature Confirmation required package sitting in front of my door.:confused1:
  14. I hope you get it. Those friggers left my leather coat in a "steal me" huge box on my doorstep out in broad day light! I just so happened to feel an "unction" that day to go home during lunch (30 minutes to and from work - so no time to eat) and there it was sitting on my doorstep. They should be put out of business. The last time I dealt with them, I knew their rep, so I had my package sent near my job and picked it up myself. I think this is the only way to guarantee your stuff won't be stolen.
  15. I ordered from Elux and a signature is required with any purchase over 500 dollars well FedEx left my package at my door & it was worth almost 1300 dollars. Thank goodness my husband got home before me. Otherwise I don't believe it would've been there.