fedex dilemma! Has this happened to you?

  1. I ordered a david yurman ring online worth about $1,000. I paid for 2nd day shipping and insurance. The store said that they had sent it but I never received it. Fedex said that they had delivered it and left it by our door. I never received it and that package was suppose to be sign for but I guess fedex didn't think it was important enough to get a signature. I called the store and they said they filed a claim to fedex. So what happens now. Do I just wait? They said they were going to call but no call yet. Help, if you guys had experience something like this before.:sad:
  2. Yup you just wait. That sucks!
  3. This won't be the first time this happened. I had ordered a watch (an expensive one) and they just left it outside my apartment door, without checking with the office. Fortunately, no one bothered but, but this is New York. I know a jeweler who ordered 4,000 dollars worth of stones and FEDEX did not ring her bell, but left if outside to be stolen. FEDEX refused to cover the loss, so she took it up with the insurance, but still no luck there, either. I Hate FEDEX, ( I have recounted other little FEDEX anecdotes here.)
  4. ^WOW. Luckily my home is very "safe" and our door has been unlocked for 3 years straight and we've never been robbed. We have a white gate around our house I guess but we always leave it open. The mail man generally always just leaves packages at the door or in the mailbox, unless they require signature.

    I can't believe that a package that was insured would just be left at the door like that. That's definitely Fedex's fault for not obtaining signature when there was supposed to be signature/delivery confirmation. At least the package was insured!

    Good luck.
  5. Yknow what--I just thought about this--was the David Yurman name on the package, or anything that would allude to it being jewelry? Bec if so Id bet someone at FedEx walked off with it.
  6. Actually I don't know what it says on the box, since I never received it but I don't think it says David Yurman since it was coming from Saks, either way, if somebody wanted to take it it wouldn't matter where it came from, they probably just want to take somehting. I'm so mad right not since I'm still just waiting for the result, if they will credit me back or resend me another DY ring.

    quote=ame;3319821]Yknow what--I just thought about this--was the David Yurman name on the package, or anything that would allude to it being jewelry? Bec if so Id bet someone at FedEx walked off with it.[/quote]
  7. That really sucks I hope your get your package. I had a similar problem with FedEx about a week ago with a $600 package. You just have to keep calling and let them know you mean business. Stay on their backs CONSTANTLY so they get tired of you! I hope everything works out.
  8. I feel your pain and frustration bhurry.I had the same thing happen today.I checked the fedex tracking status on a package coming from NM.Their site states it was delivered today at 12:27pm.I was out mowing my front lawn at 12:15pm and there is no way they could place a package on my porch without me knowing.

    :cursing::hysteric::censor::mad: Can you tell I'm pissed?
    I called fedex an was told that the driver would contact me in 48 hrs.I also contacted NM they have to wait for fedex to review the problem before NM can file a claim and give me a refund,I'd much rather have the item as it was the last one available in the whole damn country.

    I swear sometimes I think the fedex drivers steal the packages them damn selves.Online shopping is getting to be nothing but a royal pain in the a$$.

    Sorry for the rant,but I had to get this off my chest.
  9. This thread is very interesting to me because I just had a David Yerman delivered from NM on Saturday. I was home (taking a power nap), so I would have heard the doorbell ring. When I awoke I checked the delivery information and FedEx said the item was delivered and left at my door. Very excited, I rushed to my front door and nothing was there. At this point, I was like :hrmm:, so I walked around the front of the house and finally found the package sitting inside my garage by the door to the house. I guess the delivery dude thought it would be safer there, but I had a small panic attack until I found the package. I was surprised that NM would sent out an expensive piece of jewelry with out signature confirmation.
  10. UGHHHH. I had a similar situation getting my Chanel Coco Cabas mailed to me. I was AT HOME, and I even left the gate open so the mailman would know I was home. I was sitting in my room reading and/or using the computer when the mail man supposedly tried to deliver my package. I went outside and lo and behold in my mailbox was a pink slip saying "Sorry, we just missed you," and that I had to go to the post office to pick up my package. I was like, WTF, I was home the entire day waiting for my package and the mail man didn't even try coming to the front door (which has a very loud and working door bell). Since the package needed signature confirmation, I assume he was just too lazy to walk to my front door and preferred just filling out the stupid slip. I was so upset. I wasted an entire day waiting around for a package to be delivered to me when instead I had to go to the post office to pick it up. RANT. Well, I'm glad I at least got my package.

    I think signature confirmation should definitely be required. I would think that a seller would also want to protect themselves by requiring signature confirmation. I know all you ladies are legitimate, but I would think they would want to protect from scammers who claim to have not received packages left at their doors. Signature confirmation can be hassle, but in the end it protects both buyer and consumer so why not? :confused1:
  11. all i have to say is that FEDEX IS HORRIABLE I DO NOT USE THEM AT ALL
    when i order something online i ask who is the carrier and if it''s FEDEX i tell them i do not want them to mail my package with them

    i hope your problem gets solved
  12. Did you ever get your package? I hope so! Yes, this has happened to me too a couple of times, but eventually I had them tracked down.
  13. won't your credit card company refuse the charge if you never received it. i'd immediately go that route.

    i use amex, they back you up..
  14. I HATE FedEx too. (And UPS sometimes). Last Christmas DH got me a Rolex from a jeweler he knew out of state. The jeweler sent it overnight and with signature confirmation. I was tracking the package and I saw DELIVERED in the status. The delivery man just left it at our front door! :rant: We told the jeweler and he doesn't use FedEx anymore!

    Sorry for the rant, hope you got this resolved!
  15. I'm in the minority because I've never had any problems with Fedex Express. We've had the same delivery guy for 6 years. He is familiar with our schedules and never leaves packages on the porch unattended even though we live in an excellent neighborhood.

    Now Fedex Home Delivery is another story because they subcontract local drivers who basically deliver the packages as a second, or part time job to supplement their income. They usually don't know what they are delivering, and really don't care who it gets delivered to.

    If given the option, make sure to specify Fedex Express, not HOME DELIVERY.