Fedex Delivery

  1. Ok in the past 2 days I have had 2 Fedex packages delivered to my house from Coach Stores in Palm Beach, FL and Somerset, MI and they leave the tag instead of the package, wanting a signature in person.

    Well, I called Fedex because we have a Signature Release on file with them and questioned why they didn't leave it.

    Here's the thing: Fedex does not do the signature releases anymore. If the package doesn't need a signature they will leave it, but if they do they will give you a tag. She told me this was their new policy because they had some problem with liability.

    So, this is FYI...if you are ordering from a Coach store and know your tracking number. You could also tell the SA to request a waiver for the signature. Just in case I would leave a note on your door if you want them to leave it at your house or you'll have to pick it up from their distribution center. The Fedex center where all of our packages go back to is 45 minutes to an hour away. Not fun during rush hour!

    I don't think this happens with because they don't require a signature and therefore Fedex would leave it. Just wanted you all to know that if you had a signature release on file with Fedex it no longer exists. :cursing:
  2. Thanks for the info! I wonder when they changed their policy. Back in Oct., I had a package being delivered and I asked for signature, but we had a signature release on file, so they just left the package anyway. That was the one time I really did want them to require a signature - I wasn't even in the state! Luckily, my brother was at my house watching our dog for us at the time. This is good to know though.
  3. Thanks for the info.!
  4. I think it may be where you live...I've never EVER gotten a delivery slip from FedEx!!

    I don't have a signature release on file, but my packages are always left at my house. Here's the thing...Elux REQUIRES a signature for anything over $500...I bought 3 LV items totaling well over $500 and my bix old box was sitting on my stoop all day. Thankfully I live in a quiet, safe neighborhood, otherwise, there is no way I'd have gotten my items. And when i went on FedEx website, it was quite obvious that the driver forged my signature using my first initial and last name (which is nowhere near how i sign my name). And since there was a signature, there was nothing Elux would do. So I called FedEx and complained, but they don't care, and I've never heard anything back. Elux even asked me if I did have a signature release on file, which I definitely do NOT. There's many stories like this about FedEx in the LV forum.

  5. Forgery is so against the law...I would have made a big fuss about it. I live in a pretty safe, but busy neighborhood, I still wouldn't trust a big box full of goodies to sit on my front porch all day.
  6. oh trust me, I's definitely not over with yet!