FedEx Delivery Sucks!

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Feb 10, 2006
I had the same thing happen to me just yesterday. I have several purses coming...don't tell my husband! ;) I was home...but we don't have a doorbell...I know weird, but I didn't hear them knock and they just left a slip thing that said "the business was closed or un-reachable." First of all, I am not a business, and I want my freaking purse! UPS and USPS doesn't require a signature on all items. I don't get it....why do they mess with our addictions like this? I just bought a LV on e-bay...and my husband doesn't know about it yet. I'm so scared! :shame:

**Anyone know where I can authenticate a Gucci Horsebit Hobo? Thanks, Brandy
OK...I am so glad to know I am not the only one who is addicted to buying handbags!


i got so excited that dublin got my ivory maxi via italy and shipped it straight away,so today i wait patiently,making sure music not too loud,tv not loud,and even at one point im sitting near the door maxi,its now 6.12 pm and it just didnt arrive,there has been snow,but its cleared,the roads are fine,dublin are checking to see what has happened,im so disapointed,im dreading hearing,its got lost,and i paid nearly as much as it costs to ship from usa to scotland ,and its only coming from dublin,no sign of ups, never came,and dublin chanel are now trying to trace my lovely maxi.what a disapointment


May 3, 2008
xx rude
Holy, crap old thread.

FedEx recently tried delivering a package to me the other week. Who would be home in the middle of a work week to sign for something? Really, why bother?
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Sep 2, 2006
United States
fedex drives me crazy too cristina!

they once left the door tag for an elux item and so i went to the usual place to pick it up. wouldn't you know it, it was sent a different way (home vs. ground?!?!?) and i had to go to a different place that closed much earlier. :cursing:
(my fault for assuming it was the same but man, that sucked!) ;)

i can't wait to see your new pretty agenda!!!!! :yahoo:
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