FedEx Delivery Sucks!

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  1. I hate any delivery service :suspiciou I had my LV Vernis agenda shipped FedEx Ground, since it was coming from South Florida and would arrive the next day. I waited until 5:30 for the FedEx man, but I had to leave because I had a pedicure appointment. This is what shows up now when I track the package:

    No, really? I didn't know that most corporations stay open after 5 p.m. :suspiciou What does Delivery Exception mean? Does that mean they will attempt delivery again tomorrow at the same time? I was hoping they'd deliver it earlier so I could go tomorrow and get fills for it. Ugh, I hate being so impatient :lol: I'll probably have to stay late tomorrow just to wait for the stupid FedEx delivery truck. This is why I don't use FedEx. I have much better luck with UPS. We here seem to have bad luck with delivery services lately :wacko:

    Rant over. Grrr, just had a frustrating day at work today, and then this. At least my pedicure was relaxing.
  2. I prefer UPS, too. Don't they know how important these things are to us!!! I know my postman well (he's my friend's dad) and I actually drove around town looking for him more than once! Hang in there!
  3. I also prefer UPS. I ordered my Halloween costume, I was Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, on the Thursday before Halloween because I found out the night before that we were going to try to go to the Halloween parade in Greenwhich Village. I had it overnighted and it was supposed to get here before 10am (it was that or after 5) or whatever because the company charged a lot for shipping- Saturday delivery was $50!!! So I was home that Monday because I don't have class, and I waited all day for it, and it was like 5pm and it hadn't come yet and we were meeting at 7, so I called Fed-Ex to find out what was going on, and then all of a sudden the truck pulls up in front of my house and the guy was like "I didn't notice the rush sticker on it", but I was so pissed because I had to put it on, put my layers on (it was really cold that night), and do my makeup which took me like an hour, I was running around like a crazy woman all because they didn't deliver it on time!

    I hope that your agenda comes tomorrow!
  4. :lol: LMAO at you looking for the postman! That made me feel better :P Everyone at work was laughing at me because I usually jet out of there at 5 p.m., but I was staying and pacing around like a madwoman. I hope they attempt to redeliver tomorrow, and that it's earlier! If not, I wouldn't mind staying to wait for the FedEx guy. I just hope they don't lose the package. I had something shipped via FedEx a couple of years ago, and after three delivery attempts they sent it back to the store I ordered it from :suspiciou
  5. :evil: Sounds like it was sent FedEx Home Delivery. FedEx business is supposed to arrive before 5pm.

    So sorry Cristina; it is 6pm here and I am still waiting on an exhaust for one of my customers; it had to be sent COD - and I am pissed - UPS knows our biz hours are 10am - 5pm - showing up after 5pm is disrespectful of my time.

    Sorry to steal your rant - but, I totally understand. :evil:
  6. It's all right, all delivery-haters unite! :nuts:

    Argh, if that's what it is, I told the SA to make sure it had the business address on it and I made sure to repeat a few times that it would be sent to my work address. I should have just had it sent to my house if I had known they would deliver so late - I would have been home by then and I could have then gone to my appointment at 6 p.m.

    I hope you get the exhaust soon - tear the UPS guy a new one when he gets there :suspiciou That's what I felt like doing to everyone that crossed my path today :lol:
  7. I hate fedex! Just yesterday i was expecting a delivery from Saks. The activty said that it was still at the warehouse in reno (im in lake tahoe- 45 minutes away) so when i checked it later that day, it said the same thing- delivery exception! There wasnt a note on my door or anything, so i called the customer service and they said i can go pick it up at the warehouse in reno. so i drove ALL THE WAY down there and the people at the warehouse told me they didnt have it and it was still on the truck! never again! I HATE them!
  8. Oh dear. Did you get your package? I hope so! I am going to call customer service tonight to see if they tell me the same thing. I think the warehouse isn't too far away, so I can go in the morning. But, watch the same thing happen to me, and they'll tell me it's on the truck. Since you didn't have a delivery slip, what did you do for proof of ID, show a driver's license? I hate going to pick packages up, this is the whole point of having it delivered somewhere you know you'll be at, and it's supposed to be delivered at a reasonable time. End of business day my foot :suspiciou

    Good luck with your package!
  9. I'm sorry to hear about this. Because it's FedEx, you should call them and try to get them to redeliver it on time tomorrow. We've had that happen a few times in my office, and a stern call usually works.
  10. Thank you! That's a good idea. I will call tomorrow morning :biggrin:
  11. Cristina, do you live in Orlando?
  12. UPS is great! We actually have one of those big warehouse "stations" about twenty minutes away. They're open 24 hours a day, and I've gone in to pick up packages in the middle of the night!
  13. Agree!!! Last time I ordered something from Eluxury they use FedEx, the so call overnight turn into after a week, which I have to wait for the FedEx person to come everyday, eventually I had to pick it up myself. So now I don't really want to order from Eluxury anymore....
  14. Grrr, I have a hard time with most mail services.. Yesteday I had to go pick up my mail at the post office because the lazy ass postman thought I had too much snow in front of my mailbox :mad: I mean dude, it was two friggin inches!

    Sorry you didn't get your agenda yet! Today is the day :biggrin:
  15. I had that problem with them too. They can deliver any time between 8am and 8 pm! That's a HUGE range. I checked what time they attempted the delivery and found that they pretty much tried again the same time the next day. They also deliver M-Saturday, so something to keep in mind. I think they try a total of 3 times and then you have to contact them to pick it up at their facility or something like that...

    The problem is that the sender is requiring signature proof, so they won't leave it behind and you can't "pre-sign" the form--need a real, live signature.
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