1. Okay, I'm waiting on two bags and according to fedex. I was supposed to get the other one today. But this was even better :yahoo:. Maybe he'll come for a second time in one day (yeah right)!! Anyway...can I do a little tease? I've never done one before so here we go...

    OOOPS I spelt Fedex wrong...all the excitement!!
    Trevi Delivery.JPG Trevi Boxed.JPG Trevi Surprise.JPG Juicy Box.JPG
  2. haha don't u just love packages
  3. Hmmm.... Mini Lin Speedy? Beverly MM?
  4. Oh take it off! I WANNA SEE! :yes:
  5. empty boxes its just a tease ........
  6. I said in the past I have no heres another little peek
    Trevi Peek.JPG
  7. ohhh treviiii?
  8. Trévi !!!! I think it's that too !!
  9. trevi??
  10. Show us! I've never been on a reveal thread in real time!
  11. OK...My new Trevi...I love it. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't just because I've done my fair share of shopping lately. Definately a keeper though. I think tPF may have something to do with my shopping habits lately:happydance:
    I also got a Juicy charm for my Damier speedy 25 it's small but cute
    Trevi.JPG Trevi Inside.JPG Trevi me.jpg purse forum 017.JPG Juicy7.jpg
  12. So chic... Congrats !!!!!! Love the Juicy charm...
  13. Super cute Trevi!!

    Love that Juicy Charm! I want one for my damier too... :biggrin:
  14. looks great on you .. congrat's.
  15. looks great, congrats