Fedex Delivery in 5 days... HELP!

  1. I'm not even sure I can stay sane for the next five days.. plus the weekend is coming up and I know I will definitely go crazy.

    Anyone wants to wait this darned long wait out with me? ;)
  2. Of course... As long as you tell us what are you waiting for :graucho:. Why does it take so long? Can it go for overnight service?
  3. I'm international so I guess that's why delivery is taking longer? Besides... it didn't cross my mind to ask for overnight :noggin:

    As for what I'm waiting for.... :graucho::whistle:
  4. Don't worry. We'll keep you company. What have you got? Any hints?
  5. Pyrexia : aw come on ! we'll keep u company provided u give us some hints :smile: heeheee

    what about a "Pyrexia collected her XXX" tea/dinner gathering next week" ?
  6. Ah, no wonder. Where is your location?

    Yea, yea ... please tell us what is it? Hint?
  7. OMG! Waiting over the weekend is so nerve wrecking .... You gotta give us some clues, pyrexia. Else how on earth are we going to wait out so many days and stay focused?
  8. Give us some hints, Pyrexia!
  9. If folks are free, why not? :p It's coming at a great time too.. midterm break! :yahoo:
  10. To hint the painfully obvious... it's a bag :graucho:

    (and very under the radar!)
  11. pursenality, I'm in Singapore :smile:
  12. :wlae::yahoo: Waiting with you!!
  13. pursenality, I'm in Singapore :smile:

    Will someone please tell me that no matter how many times I refresh the darned Fedex page it is not likely to change within the next minute?!!:smash:
  14. It's not gonna change in the next 12 hours :p.
  15. Hmmmmm ... Can I guess where it is from? Europe? US?