Fedex Delivery from H Store (not a reveal)

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  1. Today I expected a FEDEX delivery with some small H object (key chain, calvi case). Nevertheless, I was anticipating the pleasure of unwrapping my package.
    At 5.30 pm I entered my tracking number online to check if something changed in schedule.
    Guess what, it shows that delivery was attempted at 4 pm and 4.28pm and no one was at home.
    I immediately call FEDEX and explain situation and verify address. The over-phone-guy absolutely seriously tells me to put a sticker on a door tomorrow that they have to knock hard or ring the bell, that I am at home.
    I part with him and then I see in the window the UPS track that goes down the street and stops in front to deliver a parcel to my neighbor (it's a city street lined with townhouses).
    And at that moment it hit me that there was NO FEDEX TRUCK on the street neither at 4 pm nor at 4.28pm, as I was sitting at my computer next to the window and from there I always see those trucks. And I usually run to open the door by the time they go up stairs. So there is no way I would miss them not once but twice.

    The phone guy mentioned that there are only 3 attempts of delivery allowed. What if they skip another time and another time? Should I call them tomorrow in the morning?
  2. YES, Lady Luna, most importantly for your peace of mind. You'll get it straightened out:yes:

  3. I think the 3 attempts are on 3 different days. I often miss all 3 because I travel a lot without any lead time so I never know when I will be home. Fed Ex will try to deliver 3 times and then will hold the package for you to come and pick up. Is that any easier for you?

    I would wait until tomorrow afternoon (sounds like he gets to your neighborhood in the late afternoon) and then keep a good eye out. If you don't get your package then, I'd call them.

    I've found Fed Ex to be quite reliable - I am now waiting on a DHL package - two days they have been "coming for sure". Didn't show up either day. They are the WORST!!

    Good luck, no need to panic yet - can't wait to see your reveal!!
  4. i have had VERY similar fedex issues. delivery attempts supposedly made when i know for certain they were not. this has happened to me on 2 different packages this summer. sometimes when you track online it will NOT show up as "on vehicle for delivery" the traking info HAS to say on vehile for delivery- if not it means your package is at the distribution center and will not be delivered that day, no matter what the phone rep tells you! i would call fedex and reconfirm the package is on the truck for delivery, then you can provide additional info on your location if need be. it can also be the case that an attempt was made at a different location (ie the address is close but not quite!) this has happened to me also. maybe the regular fedex delivery person is on vaca and doesn't know the route- this has also happened to me. anyway, best of luck and definitely use both the tracking number online and call and speak to someone also.
  5. Thanks to all for taking time to answer. I am not in panic, but it is a little bit frustrating as I already feeled it in my hands, while sitting at home waiting for delivery. And, boomsss!, the vision disappeared as a mirage in a desert.
    Secondly, I will not be at home Fri-Sun, they require my signature, my son's is not good enough. So I am afraid to miss the third attempt.
    The pickup location is a nightmare, very far and hard to find, extremely inconvenient, it is in factory zone, scary, like in those thrillers where they always meet for the final fight in some ugly warehouse.

    But I decided to call FEDEX tomorrow and ask for the driver to call me half an hour in advance so I wait for him on a street, this way I assure he will not go home before making the trick of failed attempt.

    And to add to it, I guess the delivery service becomes problematic sometimes, I was waiting for the Fortunoff delivery on weekend, the truck was an hour late after the alloted time frame, I new from experience that they are generally always late. Then they came, apologized, in a very efficient manner assembled patio furniture, the service that was not included, and were nice allover. I gave them nice tip that they appreciated a lot. Within 20 minutes I received a call from Fortunoff inquiring about delivery, whether all was OK. I said, I was satisfied. The man asked what time the delivery was made, and I said the time they were supposed to be, not the actual time.
    It means that Fortunoff knows about problems and stays on top of it. But the service guys were great and went extra mile, so I gave a good feedback for them.
  6. If you miss the next attempt, call them and ask them to hold the package so you can pick it up in person. No problem! :yes: That is, unless you absolutely can not get to their depot, which is sometimes in very inconvenient locations.
  7. It's they common practice to say they made delivery attempt when they didn't to justify whatever the circumstances they had. So do not worry but don't get off their case either:yes:
  8. The same thing happened to me before; the computer said delivery was attempted, but obviously it was not as I was at home and my doorbell was not broken! It was later explained to me after I called to complain that because it was ahead of scheduled delivery, then they are not required to deliver that day, even though it said it was on the truck for delivery (go figure - I still haven't figured that one out!)

    It also seemed strange that they would attempt to deliver twice within a few minutes of each other. It always seems to be once a day attempt.

    Also, it is 3 attempts on 3 separate days.

    Can't wait for everything to be sorted out, so I can drool over your new goodies!