FedEx came with some new goodies!

  1. :nuts: Just got this keepall and can I just say how much I LOVE GIANT cherries!!!:yahoo:I am so excited!!! This baby is coming with me to Bahamas!!!:graucho: I am also LOVING my first pair of LV sunnies!!! They are so comfy and I think I finally know why they cost as much as they do!!! The workmanship is UNBELIEVABLE!!!:love: Here are some pics:
    PICT4014.jpg PICT4018.jpg
  2. I just love your keepall! Those are some great sunglasses too. :wlae:
  3. Life is just a Bowl Full of Cherries... Congrats... very very pretty and have a good time in the Bahamas......
  4. YAY Irene! The cerise keepall looks fab! I remember at one time I really really wanted that bag, to match my cerise speedy. You'll be travellin' in style.. :graucho:

    Speaking more of keepall, I really want one. Either cerise or khaki graffiti would be nice, coz I have the speedies to match. Maybe one day..
  5. WOW!WOW!WOW! LOVE them both!!:heart: :drool:
    YOU GO GIRL!!!
  6. I think there are still Cerises keepalls available in US! Call VUITTON and have them find you one!!!:graucho: OMG!!! I can't get over how good the big cherries look!!!:nuts:
  7. Oh YES! U R totally ready for the Bahamas, bahama mama... both are TDF... Big BIG CHERRIES!!!!! how fun for Luggage!!!!
  8. Ooh, congrats! Love them both! I didn't realize there were still some Cerises Keepalls available.
  9. great choices!!
  10. Thank you!!!:flowers: I got mine from a friend but as far as I know, there are still some keepalls scattered all over US (not many) and if you call the 866 # they might locate one for you!:wlae:
  11. HOT is all i can say!!
    Congrat's and enjoy. When are you going on vacation?
  12. wow! what nice goodies... :love: :girlsigh:

    in the 2nd pic it looks like even the cherries are looking at your new sunnies with love....
  13. Oh your keepall is adorable!!!!!
    Its soooo cute good choice :smile: model the sunnies please ! I want to see them on you!
  14. WOOHOO Irene!:yahoo: I love them both! The Keepall is TDF:love: Now I am drooling.LOL:drool:
  15. Congrats on your Cerises Keepall !

    Are these glasses the same as uma Glasses? :nuts: