FedEx came early - when does THAT ever happen? Reveal!

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  1. FedEx brought one of my four new goodies coming this week - nothing we haven't all seen before, but I was excited!

  2. Yay!!
  3. My new Andee Boyfriend Watch in Navy!


  4. Very nice, congrats!

    I've been very tempted by these beauties ever since they were revealed here. I don't own a Coach watch yet, but I hear they're really good quality.
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    I ordered it from the Seattle Outlets last week and the ETA was tomorrow. FedEx usually won't deliver early, but he was here at 11:00 am! So excited!

    Mod shots:


    This one looks like there are red dots on the minute and hour hands, but it's just a reflection from my red camera.


    This thing is heavy duty!


    It's a nice weight. Feels substantial!

  6. And just for fun - a group shot with my Aegean Lindsey from the outlet last week!


    More reveals to come this week!
  7. This is my second Coach watch but my first metal watch and so far, so good! It definitely feels like a quality item, just sitting in your hands.
  8. OK I have to call around bc I need one of those watches - ASAP
    just hotttttttttt
  9. I love it! How much are they going for at the outlets?
  10. Love congrats!
  11. Nice watch!!! I have the black on the way and can't wait to see it!!! Thanks for the reveal! Love the lindsey too!!! Congrats!!
  12. The Movado Outlet had these for $89 and then $15 shipping + tax. My total came to $108.45 all together. These retail for $258, so I couldn't pass it up! Sadly, I think the sale ended on September 30, at least that was what the SA told me when I ordered. She was trying to get me to order two but I could only justify one, even at that steal. They might still have them marked down to clearance them out, you never know. Call 360-716-2768 and ask for Donna - she's also an assistant manager. :smile:

    If you meant the Lindsey, she was $167 at 40/30 off!
  13. Just got email from Movado - phone orders ship free on 10/4...
  14. Thank you so much, oh yes, I meant the watch. Good to know what the Lindsey's are going for as well. :biggrin:
  15. Go for it! I thought you ordered one last week!

    Thank you!

    I originally intended to get the black one but after Donna mentioned the navy was available I had second thoughts. I think I will be happier with the blue since I tend to wear jeans pretty much every day!

    Make sure to do a reveal when yours comes! Did they give you a shipping notice?