FedEx Came and delivered . . . . .

  1. My Strawberry charm:yahoo: DH didnt tell me the package had arrived so I was surprised when I saw it on the kitchen table. I looks just as good as I thought. It is about 4 inches long. Here are some pics:
    Coach Pics1.jpg Coach2.jpg
  2. aw... tooooo cute :love:
  3. That is too cute! I ordered that new butterfly keyfob, which should be here tomorrow.
  4. OHHH!!! It's so freaking cute!! Dang, I want one!
  5. CUTE!!!!! I want one too!!! :smile:
  6. Love it with the tattersall print!
  7. How cute is that!! It matches that tattersall design so well, too!
  8. Cute!! I love the strawberry and the tattersall!! I just went in the Coach store yesterday to check that pouch out. It's really cute and pretty but too small for me. I hope they make a medium sized bag with the tattersall design. Anyway, the two look great together. Enjoy your strawberry!!!
  9. I love that one!! I can't wait to get one :love:
  10. it looks absolutely perfect with your tattersall bag!
  11. Cute! Can't wait to get mine.
  12. I love it!
  13. how very cute...
  14. Ooohh! That charm is SO pretty!
  15. I love it! It looks great with the tattersall.