Fedex "brokerage Fees"?

  1. I sold a bag on eBay and on the listing where you are suppose to add in your shipping options, I listed USPS because they don't list FedEx as an option. So I had someone win the bag and they added an extra $23 for shipping to Canada. I believe it was the least expensive of the options and also the slowest. Anyway, I went ahead and sent it via FedEx instead and the bag will arrive within 2 days to Canada (I'm in the US). I paid over $70 USD so that they would receive their bag in a timely manner and I sent the buyer a tracking confirmation number. The last time I won something from eBay it took 28 days to get to me. I was trying to avoid that happening to my buyer and now I just received an e-mail from them telling me that if they had known that I was going to use FedEx, they wouldn't have bid on the bag because of the high "brokerage fees" charged by FedEx. Can someone tell me if FedEx charges extra $$ to the recipient of the package? I can't believe that they charge the recipient additional money after I have already paid so much!! Should I refund the buyer the $ it costs for "brokerage fees" even tho I already paid extra to get the bag to them faster? You opinions please? :shrugs:
  2. Yes, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. do usually charge an extra brokerage fee. Not sure how much the brokerage fee would be as it varies.
  3. Wow - Good to know.

    I am really sorry because you were obviously doing what you thought was a GREAT thing for your buyer but I think I would find out what the difference is in the fees and reimburse them for it.

    I guess in the future I would contact the buyer about adjusting the shipping and get their reaction so you can see if they have a reason for choosing the shipment method they have.

    Wow-that stinks.
  4. I have been personally "burned" by brokerage fees. I bought a purse on eBay last summer for 201.50. It was shipped by UPS from the USA to Canada. They charged me 58.50 in "brokerage fees" + taxes for a total of $81.80!. I have no idea why these ridiculous fees go unchallenged. They do no extra work at all for this money. The same applies for DHL and fedex. I always ask the seller to ship USPS- regular ol' snail mail. It might take a few extra days but i don't mind.
    However, the buyer is always responsible for taxes. So if you sell a lot of items to canada just ship USPS and let the buyer know iy will take a few days lomger to arrive.
  5. If I were you, I would send her an e-mail apologizing and explaining why you sent it via FedEx. You meant well and all. However, your auction did not list FedEx as a method of shipping and the buyer did choose USPS as her shipping choice. So in a way, you are bound by the contract to use USPS, and not FedEx.

    I don't know how much you care about customer service, If it is very important to you, you may want to refund her the difference and take this as a learning cost. Or you can offer her some incentives for her future buying with you e.g. free shipping or gift with purchase etc.

    For valuable items in my auctions, I always state clearly that I only use FedEx because it is fast, secure and the most reliable and I don't switch method without asking the buyer first, especially international buyers. Always be careful shipping internationally. There are always these weird funky rules about shipping.
  6. I've been charged this, but only when my package was stopped going through customs. I was charged the import, and then the brokerage fee from the courier company. I phoned them and asked what their fee was for, and apparently, they pay the custom charges, to get the packet out of customs, and their fee if for their admin charge for doing this.

    I would always request USPS because of this. It doesn't mean you don't get charged if the parcel is stopped by customs, but it does mean that you don't get charged the extra fee.

    In your case, it will only be an issue if the parcel is stopped, and customs is charged on it. Not everything is stopped, and if it isn't there should be no fee.

    Good luck!