FedEx and UPS HATE Me....

  1. Alright so I have 2 city's coming. A Rouge VIF and a Vert D'eau... The Vert I got new on eBay and paid for 2 day shipping. It was scheduled to arrive today. I check and apparently she put the wrong postal code in my address, it was off by one number and that delayed it arriving by one day. :push: I was annoyed, yes, but hey, my HG bag is coming today from a lovely TPF girl. I even paid a crapload more for overnight shipping because I knew California to Boston might take awhile. So the morning FedEx came and no bag. Strange, scheduled delivery is 10:30 this morning. So I call FedEx and I am informed my bag is STILL in California!!! WTH??????? I'm suppose to get a call within the next few hours telling me exactly WHY but I am so ticked right now. I paid so much more extra to get it today and it's still in California? I can't believe I'm so unlucky that both packages got screwed up and now I'm getting nothing today!!!:cursing: All I know is they better give her a friggin refund for the overnight shipping so I can get some of the shipping money back. I'm so angry right now... :crybaby:
  2. Candy, as an impatient person myself, I feel really bad for your delay. I wonder if they will refund your shipping costs? I hope you get a reasonable explanation, and more importantly, your bags soon.
  3. Awwww. I am sorry. I hate thinking a bag is going to be in my hot little hands at any moment and finding out it is not even close.
  4. They better give me a refund. Thats rediculous. The tracking still says it's on route to LA and I didn't think much of it because sometimes tracking pages take time to update.... I'm secretly hoping they'll call and tell me just that and that it'll arrive this afternoon. >_<
  5. I'm so sorry! I have the same problems with both of them, but UPS is usually a lot worse than FedEx for me. UPS Ground almost always takes 10-11 days to reach me (I think it's supposed to take 5-7) - and my tracking number always shows stuff like yours (I get a lot of "unavoidable delay" messages - wtf?). Once the tracking number showed that it had been "overlooked" at the UPS sorting facility so would be delivered on the next business day - which of course was Monday. I currently have a Tomato First on its way to me - it was shipped Tuesday and the tracking says it won't arrive until next Friday. That seems kind of ridiculous to me.

    ANYWAY - the point of that rant was that I feel your pain and I really hope you get your bags soon! AND a refund of your shipping fees...
  6. You poor thing!!! I am sending good shipping vibes your way :wlae:
  7. Oh no, what bad luck! I hope you get your packages today!!!
  8. I know the feeling- I'm sorry about this and it sucks- hope you get some money back from the outrageous shipping cost.
  9. I'm sorry you have to wait...waiting in the worst. But just think how happy you're going to be when they show up....good luck.
  10. Poor girl! Definitely give them a call and find out if they'll give you a refund since THEY messed up! Good luck and I hope you get your bags soon!!
  11. Well Fedex said the plane was delayed and they're going to give a refund so YAY. On a better note UPS managed to get my other package here today so it wasn't a total loss! I'm shocked, the woman said there's no way it'll get here today!! Thanks for listening to me vent, I feel so much better, you guys are great!!!!
  12. That's excellent! I'm so glad it worked out. :tup:
  13. waiting is the absolute worst part! sorry to hear about the shipping troubles, but i hope your babies are safely in your hands very, very soon :smile:
  14. Crossing my finger here hoping your bags will arrive soon hun!
  15. yay! i'm glad it worked out. i hate hate waiting for packages!

    btw, excellent choice of colors. love both!!