Fedex again WOW...

  1. :yahoo: HE just showed up again a look what else he brought. Yes, my lvoe phone charm so I put it on my new indigo reade :jammin:
    indigo 003.jpg indigo 001.jpg
  2. It's so cute!
  3. Too cute! That charm looks fabulous on your bag!
  4. I want the bag & the charm ! they look cute together congrats!
  5. lovely pair!
  6. Congrats, Joann! Love the LVoe charm dangling off your Indigo Reade. They look lovely on you.
  7. LoVe it!!!!
  8. Looks good. I like it.

  9. I love that! I want that phone charm! Did you order it through a store? Is it heavy? I really think I want it :smile: That bag looks awesome, btw!
  10. Sooo cute, congrats!
  11. Congrats. Very lovely.
  12. What a perfect match!
  13. Wow ! Beautiful :smile: What a great charm!
  14. Adorable! I didn't realize the charm was already available.
  15. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. The charm itself is made out of plastic so its really light. I called 866 vuitton and they located it in a Miami store.