Federal Express - Priority Overnight (HELP)

  1. When you order a bag, and have it shipped priority overnight by 10:30 AM, do they deliver by that time. my bag was at lax at 5:30 AM this morning (Los Angeles Airport)
    I live in Bakersfield. still no update on fed X website. Also was supposed to be delivered this morning.
  2. if you look in fed ex site does it not say expected date/ time of delivery ?

  3. Yes it does, BUT, just wondering from other people that have asked for overnight, if it was delivered on time, by 10:30 AM. Did you not read my post correctly'''''''''''''''''''''''''''

  4. Well judging from the time you posted this Today, 11:25 AM
    it must be out of the warehouse by 1030/next day.
  5. No, my overnight packages from Coach are not normally sent priority 10:30 am delivery. I think the guarantee is noon. BUT if no other update is posted, it may be lost/ delayed.

    As bagfetish said, was the guarantee posted on the FEDex website today at 10:30? It would give the guarantee delivery time there.
  6. OK, I used to be a shipping coordinator for a large company, so I am well-versed in FedEx arrival times. :smile:

    Priority Overnight is guaranteed delivery by 10:30 AM. Standard Overnight is guaranteed delivery that afternoon...if I remember right they do not have a designated deliver-by time for Standard.