1. Wow... 24 bids?!?!! Who the heck wants to pay that much for it?! They must seriously want it! But really, that is TOO much for a cucciolo! I wonder what the winning bid will be? Lucky seller.
  2. wow! krazy price. there's more than one on eBay now....
  3. idk, i just ignore those things...If people want to pay those prices, then they deserve to waste their money. I think what's going on is people see certain items sell for alot then they turn around and sell similar items or the same type of items for that amount or more..OR perhaps it could be bidding wars that people don't give a dang how much it calls, they just want it. But then again I say, if they want to go ahead and spend money idiotically like that, let them.
  4. The crazy Inferno ended up going for $300, so insane!! Meanwhile, a citta rosa Cucciolo goes for $182, under retail...
  5. You know I don't think we should be so judgemental against people who spend their money on these bags. Yes it may be expensive for some of us and to some it may not. We all love our tokidoki bags and if someone can afford to spend the money on a bag they really love and want to get, who are we to criticize?
  6. Yup!!
  7. i'm not directing my frustration with the buyers...cuz yeah totally if you can afford it and love it...by ALL MEANS, buy it! BUUUUUT, it's annoying (might be smart business but still annoying) when SELLERS take ADVANTAGE OF THIS!!! ie. lurking around forums that are meant for true fans to share their love of the bags... and instead just trying to make a buck off of it.
  8. I just spent a LOT of money on a Citta Mamma Mia. A bit scary. It's my most expensive Tokidoki, but I'm going to love it. I'm going to have to take a break from the buying frenzy. I'm broke buying 8 purses in 3 months. Thank goodness I can live without Tutti and Transporto, and Vacanze is not for a couple more months.
  9. That was me who bought the inferno cucciolo! I placed the offer thinking that she was going to decline it but I got it! I love inferno and I'm getting it as a present to me because I'm pregnant again.

    I know the price seems high and I really don't want to reward sellers for pricing things too high but I thought I deserve it and I really love those devil ovens.
  10. awww congrats!!!! :smile: u def deserve a present to urself!
  11. oooh Congrats!:tup:... That's the reason I got my Inferno Campeggio. Well that and because I LOVE IT. But I told my hubby that I had to get the Inferno Campeggio to use as a baby bag for when we have a baby. Of course we are not planning of having another one anytime soon but it got me the bag..lol:yahoo:
  12. Thanks moofia! It will be our second and our first just turned 1 year old on Saturday! I think I'll be sleep deprived forever and never find the time to blow dry my hair so at least my bags will look good - my handbags not the ones under my eyes!
  13. yah prices are pretty nutz. hopefully the rumor of the re-release of past prints is true, so the people who missed out can get it at a reasonable price.

    but, yah i totally agree if you are willing to pay that much, then hey, it's you $$$ and you can spend it the way you want.

    Personally, i'm usually broke and rarely splurge...i'm all for bargins but once in a great while, i will spend over retail to get what i really want.
  14. Danelys - lol! Thanks! Shhh...I didn't tell the hubby about the purchase yet. I'm going to have to start selling off my yarn stash to support my tokidoki bag habit! It's a good thing I don't have that much free time to knit anymore. I'm spending it trolling the forum and eBay!