Fed up of Chanel bags?

  1. I have 5 Chanel bags and love them but none of the fall bags are calling me, I can't find any of the bags I want i.e. PNY Pleated Pouch, Khaki Baby Cabas or Valentine chain still on my wish list.

    Getting fed up at the moment, does anyone feel like this? Might as well call this a purse ban, I hope they have something nice for Valentine next year!

    Slowly not thinking about bags so much because I'm not getting anywhere.
  2. Wow - I actually wish I was in the same situation. tPF has been bad bad bad for my bank account! ;)
  3. hmm..maybe you should try other designers and i'm sure you'll be back here in no time.
  4. I'm the opposite which led me to this forum.
    I can't get enough Chanel and my bank account wishes it was otherwise.
  5. no, not fed up.
    When there's nothing that's calling my name, I still LOVE seeing the photos and feeling other's excitement about theirs.
    I know, I sound like a cheese ball, but I mean it.
    Even if the season's bags are right for me, I still love some of them.
    Plus there's so many fantastic past season bags to still covet!
  6. I can't get enough of Chanel either. There are a couple of fall items I really like. I wish nothing appealed to me...their prices are killing me.
  7. Nope. NEVER fed up.......never. Buah ha ha ha !!:roflmfao:
  8. Nope, seems there's always another bag in the works for me!! or two!! I bought some Hermes bags and thought I was done with Chanel, NOT. I came back stronger. lol. They are not only gorgeous and fashionable bags, but I really do find them comfortable to carry.
  9. Never!! Im in love with the expandable tote!!!!
  10. I totally hear you Chanelbaby, although I have a strong Chanel aversion for other reasons as well. My advice would be distracting yourself with another designer or hobby for a bit - it can work wonders!
  11. oh man, i just started on chanel!!!!

    banana: i hear ya on that one. my bank account is near death right now. :p
  12. i wish i was. But NOOOOOOO i am not fed up of chanel. I am just starting to collect their bags and my bank account is sure suffering. but I love the thrill of the chase of HTF bags like the red jumbo caviar flap with new chain (that i recently) found and ooooohhhhhh to open the box and smell the leather. Do I sound pathetic?
  13. I have 2 Chanel bags and that's it for me as I didn't like anything from the summer and f/w collection and I always just wanted those 2 bags I have as the rest of the chanel bags aren't really appealing to me. I like them on other people and I'm happy for them when they get their dream bag but I really doubt that I'll buy another Chanel bag.
  14. What are your Chanel bags?
  15. I don't always love everything that comes out, or want the classics. But I love seeing everyone else's excitement and being able to add to their collection. I know when the right bag comes along, I'll be thrilled as everyone else. I do still shop LV and other designers if I see something that strikes my fancy, so don't be afraid to branch out.