Fed up landlord spray paints "deadbeat tenants" on home

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    Scumbag Landlord in this case...letting the tenants pay her rent and putting it in her pockets so she can go into foreclosure and never be responsible for her mortgage and then her tenants are forced into the street by the Sheriff/Police...landlord probably hasn't paid in 3-6 months to be in foreclosing...maybe longer...guess the tenants heard about it and decided they were going to be homeless so they needed to move. Lots of people can't afford to move and pay rent at the same time...esp to somebody like that.

    Complete Scumbag Landlord!!
  2. The tenants are obligated to pay their rent or move out. They cannot use the excuse of a foreclosure (which is none of their business) just to avoid paying rent.
  3. Right??
  4. agreed 100%
  5. yup. i couldnt imagine living in a place and not paying rent.