Fed Ex Saturday Delivery??

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  1. Hello!! Does anyone know if Fedex delivers between certain times for Saturday deliveries?? My elux order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow:yahoo: but I am not sure if FedEx has different times on Saturday. Someone told me that they deliver before noon, but I'm not sure:shrugs: Thanks!!:heart:
  2. I don't know if they have certain times but I usually receive my Saturday FedEx packages in the early afternoon. :smile:
  3. I've had a couple of things delivered on Saturday, and they always arrived around lunchtime (11 a.m. to 1 p.m., maybe?) :smile:
  4. Yes they do. I got my Speedy 25 last Saturday. If you have the tracking # you can get online and track where it's at. Mine came about 3 pm.
  5. Thanks ladies! Ugh now I am irritated bc I work from 12 to 5 today!!! :sad:
  6. I had a FedEx package delivered today (Saturday) and it arrived around 12 - 12:30. Hope somebody was able to sign for your delivery, as I think ELux requires that. ;)
  7. ^^ Yeah, if the value of the package is over $500 a signature is required. Hmmm...that probably describes 99.999% of our elux purchases??
  8. That sounds about right!:lol:
  9. LOL Thanks again everyone...my package arrived at about 4 pm and my dad got it for me:smile:
  10. I keep finding this page not because of purses...but because of tangential issues, for example I was wondering what FedEx typically did for deliveries scheduled for Saturday. Anyway, I read this thread and didn't know what eLux was but had an idea, then I went to their website,

    WTF!? Either you are really rich or incredibly irresponsible! :yahoo:
  11. ^^^^^:dftt:
  12. closing OLD thread
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